Nadal against Djokovic

Nadal against Djokovic: his great negation

May 19, 2019

Of return to itself, Rafael Nadal ascended yesterday another rung with a convincing performance in front of Stefanos Tsitsipas, the youngster who a week ago ruined his parade through the sand of the Caja Mágica in Madrid. Raising his performance considerably, the number two calmed the Athenian’s competitive momentum (6-3 and 6-4, in 1h 42m) and returned after four months to a final, the second of this season after which he played at the end January in Melbourne, against Novak Djokovic.

Then it was overflowed by the Serbian, who bursts again with an intimidating dynamic, having ditched Diego Schwartzman (6-3, 6-7 and 6-3, in 2h 31m) and with a trophy on the ground already in his pocket.

Nadal against Djokovic, his great negation Verdasco forgives, Nadal punishes

Nadal against Djokovic

It will be chapter 54 between the two, the last episode of the longest saga in the history of tennis. So far, 28-25 favorable to the Belgrade, which last week gave a serious acceleration in Madrid, after long periods of sleep, and that in the Foro Italico raffled a situation of maximum emergency-two match balls against, against Juan Martín del Potro in the rooms- to be one step away from another prize in the tour on clay. Meanwhile, Nadal took a step forward yesterday. He reduced Tsitsipas, a bulky obstacle that came from signing the title in Estoril and the final in Madrid, and broke the barrier of the penultimate round that he had not been able to break in the last four tournaments.

Although the line was up and there was an improvement in this week express Roma – four games in 72 hours, heading to the final, Nadal demanded a jump level to beat yesterday Tsitsipas and try to set his first trophy the season. The layout has been satisfactory, not having given any set to the appointment this Sunday (not before 16.00, # Vamos) and having left strong markers, but first of all having regained the feeling of control. Warmth during the previous weeks, these last days has transmitted a superior feeling, credited with its solvent triumph against the vigorous young Greek.

“Now the important thing was to recover my level, regardless of whether or not I was in the final”, said the Spaniard before the 50th in a Masters 1000, the same as the legendary Roger Federer. “Beyond winning or losing, for me the most important thing is to compete well and have the opportunity to play another game that gives me the feeling that I keep moving forward. This is my top priority, “continued Nadal, eighth champion in the Foro Italico, where the tennis language changes completely. Rome is not Madrid, and at sea level the ball gives one thousandth more to think, one more point of pause, and in those Nadal is practically ungovernable.

Serbian, nocturnal and greater wear

A week after the start of Roland Garros, the pulse with Djokovic is anticipated of a more than important psychic transcendence. If he wins, the number one would arrive in Paris bloated, with a supplement of confidence to have conquered the two previous seasons, while if Nadal does, it would hit the table at the right time. “We all know who Djokovic is,” the Spaniard introduced, who does not particularly like being asked about the rival who has historically denied him the glory. “He is a rival of maximum difficulty and comes from winning in Madrid, so he will be with confidence. On Friday [at night, against Del Potro] he played a great match, we’ll see what happens tomorrow [for today]. I hope to be ready to compete, “said Nadal.

“Rafa is one of the greatest champions in the history of this sport,” commented Djokovic midnight, after getting rid of the rubbery Schwartzman, again in the night session. “He has been able to with all the difficulties and is one of the great legends of tennis. I respect him a lot, he has been the great rival of my career “, expanded Nole, 31 years old and with the same number of Masters 1000 (33) as Nadal. “I’ve been more hours on the track [7h 40m compared to 5h 29m], but I’m here and that’s a great success. We will see how it affects me. It is not the first time that I find myself in such a situation, and I feel good. I will try to recover the best possible for tomorrow, “he closed.

This afternoon, final in the Foro Italico, yes, but in the subconscious of both is already played on another stage, at 1,500 kilometers: the Bois de Boulogne.