How to make a topspin serve in tennis

January 6, 2019

The topspin serve in tennis is one of the most complicated strokes in tennis since it requires a lot of precision to be executed correctly. The serve the most important thing is to hit the ball with our racket like a brush. The kick-off is practically the same as the flat kick but the ball is hit in the air is different trying to give an effect to the ball so that the upside-down pot hinders the return of the ball.

Topspin serve in tennis

topspin serve in tennis

The topspin serve is the slowest of the three types of serve:

  • Take off plane
  • Take off cut
  • Pull out topspin

But on the other hand, the tennis topspin is the safest, that’s why it is used as a second service mostly. Sometimes the topspin serve is also used to gain confidence with the serve if a double fault has been committed.

How to make topspin serve

topspin serve in tennis

From a right-handed player, the topspin service, after the boat, it opens to the right, which is ideal to take to the service box on the left of your opponent (natural angle of the topspin) and force it to subtract from the backhand. The tennis ball as close to the sideline of the service box and after the pot, opens towards the side fence with a very high pot, making the rest difficult to give, your opponent, a high backhand stroke. It is usually used in doubles matches as 1st serve since it opens a lot of angles and allows you to go up to the net with enough time so that both players can enter the track gaining ground to the rest of the rival pair.

The topspin serves the most difficult to understand for their execution because if they tell you that to lift the ball you have to hit from the bottom up, the only possible way to do it on the serve is throwing it over your head towards your back. That’s why the technique of the topspin is complicated, but once it has been incorporated into the technique, it is easy to perform effective and safe tennis services.