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The Lifting Effect (Top Spin Effect) and its tactical application in tennis

April 10, 2018

As your tennis level increases you will realize that of all variants of tennis strokes. Only flat strokes will limit you too as the stronger you beat. The more likely you will get the ball out of track. So, it is important to master effects such as the top spin effect and the cut effect.

Top Spin and its effect on tennis tactics

tennis tactics

This time I want to give you a few basic level brushstrokes of the applications that have the effect lifted in your tactical game in tennis. You know when to use them and why. This way your tactical IQ will increase other points upwards. Keep reading: Amazing and incredible benefits of sports massage.

Hit the ball

When you hit the ball with a lifted effect, you will get the ball to take a more ballooned path. It is getting the first liner to not carry as much depth, that is, that first liner is not so close to the bottom line. But then, after has thrown the ball with the effect lifted against the ground. What you achieve is that the ball achieves much more height and goes to the greater depth. Professional players use this effect a lot to achieve the perfect balance between power and control.

The higher the spike effect

The greater the safety you will get with this stroke in your tennis game for two main reasons: The first is that your ball will pass with a considerable safety distance above the net. The second is that you can achieve greater distance from the baseline. You can make your balls are not always biting the lines but enter with a greater margin of safety. It will minimize the risk of going off the tennis court.

tennis tactics

Best of all is that although improving the safety of the blow with this type of effect also makes it difficult for your opponent to respond to these types of balls thanks to the height and depth that catch the balls with this type of effect after the boat. Check your physical activity:

Playing with the offensive blow

A player who is hitting pounding blows can be said to be playing with offensive blows. Because of the power that prints to the balls. If its effect is effective it will force his opponent to stay in line behind the bottom line always.

When you are at the bottom of the track this is a very advised hit especially when you hit with your right stroke, you can also use it backward but it is less frequent and more difficult to apply aggressively.

In your tennis kick

The top spin effect will give you control and height to your balls but I recommend you preferably use this type of effect for your second serves.

For offensive balloons and passing shots, this effect is highly recommended as it makes it very difficult for your opponent to intercept the ball by the height and speed that is achieved.

If you play a game on clay, this effect is the most effective because by friction you get much more height in the balls than in any other track.