How To Win In an Equal Or Stronger Opponent

January 4, 2017

How to win

The match, who draws your imagination, can be much more difficult than the one that will hold you in reality. I am aware of are players who believe that a rest before the match – it means going to bed earlier. So they go to nine in the evening, planning to sleep for twelve hours. Instead, they cannot distract from thoughts about the upcoming match, bad sleep.

I try not to think about the match up until the start is not ready to enter the court, and I was pleased to note a surge of excitement. This is quite natural. If I do not get nervous, it is a concern – so morally I’m not ready for the match.

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Processes of psychological and physical fitness are interrelated. If I am ill-prepared physically, it certainly will impact on the psychological mood.

When my great load – I play almost all year round – I never feel unprepared. Daily classes keep me in constant tension, in constant readiness. Even on the day of the match, I train a couple of hours. For the average player, of course, difficult, but the point here is the principle. You can spend 10 or 15-minute workout – but on the day of the match, it is necessary, as the physical and psychological charge.

Of course, easy to say, not to think about the match as long as you have not started. But how can this be achieved? As for me, I tend to occupy them with something else. If I find myself dealing, does not require very high voltage, then I completely forget about the upcoming match. I usually try not to come to court long before the start of the match. If I was there with nothing to do for a few hours prior to the match, I would be nervous.

How to beat your opponents

So, you’ve mastered all kinds of attacks, which allow going to court and enjoying the game. But in order to not only play the score but also to win in an equal or stronger opponent, one shock technology is not enough. We must learn more to apply their knowledge and skills in the match. And it’s not so simple.

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There are players who prefer to clock flip the ball over the net, standing on the back of the line, showing only his best punches, and never play on the bill, so as not to lose. They are simply afraid of losing.

However, the vast majority of fans, regardless of age or fitness level, can not imagine without a tennis game on the scoreboard. Sometimes this desire is so great that going to court and making two or three warm-up hit, they immediately begin to offer the game to count. Naturally, none of them wants to lose. But to win, we must be able to choose the right tactics – a game plan that will make the most of all your strengths and do not give the possibility to do the same to the enemy.

In vain, some players believe that the tactics can compensate for a weak shock technique. What kind of tactics can be discussed, if a tennis player after every second hit the ball flying into the net or out of bounds, far beyond the courts?

For such players the only acceptable tactic – to throw the ball over the net and into the opponent’s court. If tennis is able to stably carry out deep strikes and guide the ball to a certain point, then beat him pretty hard, although it may not be good at tactics.

On the other hand, during a meeting of equal contenders advantage will be the one who best knows the tactics and timely use of various tactical tricks.

The choice of tactics is primarily determined by the level of physical and technical preparedness of the player and his opponent, as well as the type of coating courts or, more precisely, rebound the ball in different courts (fast, slow, creeping, etc.).