dress for tennis

How to wear dress for tennis without losing style

February 17, 2019

The sport of tennis is a sport that is played in many countries around the world and is followed by millions of people. Tennis is played with a racket with a very tight string, the playing field can have different surfaces, but it is always rectangular and is separated by a network that has to be overcome. 

You will need to dress for tennis

You can play individual matches, between two players or between pairs called doubles. There are many different types of racquets for each player, depending on your age, physical condition, grip, string, etc. The rackets used by professionals or amateurs will also be very different.

Leather jacket for playing tennis

Leather jacket

Wearing leather jackets will give you a lot of confidence and will help to stylize the upper part of your figure. If you wear a dress in neutral colors, the contrast between brightness and matte will be super successful.

Long dresses for playing tennis

Long dresses

These types of dresses are in trend, and this is the best time to wear them. You can find them in a wide variety of shades, and anyone harmonizes well with white tennis shoes.

Short and baggy dresses

Short and baggy dresses

In hot weather, this is the most comfortable option. Also, it will allow you to move with much more ease, and you can combine it with discreet accessories that will give you that extra you are looking for.

Flowered dresses

If you wear flowered dresses, you can use black converse to achieve a contrast between the pattern and your shoes. The flowers never go out of fashion, dare to use them and have fun with them.

Dress vent

If the eccentricity is your thing, you’ll love wearing a dress with an open cut. Although at first sight they look like a very sophisticated garment and they would necessarily have to go with high shoes, you will be surprised by the effect that is achieved by using tennis; formal, casual and original.

Certain things you should pay attention to when playing tennis

The best thing is to go through the period of adaptation of the equipment before the tournament, since for example, it is not advisable to play with a racket or shoes just released, in addition, you want to be totally sure that the shoes fit perfectly on your feet.

things to consider

The best thing is that you do not play with new shoes, but not that they are too worn; you must find the balance point since it is best that you are convinced that they will survive the rigors of the competition.

On the other hand, prepare a bottle of water, wristbands, towels, etc. Finally, write down everything you need for the tournaments, so when the time comes to go to the track, you will know exactly what you have to take without having to think twice and what is worse, having forgotten the towel at home.

Often the opponent can force their type of game, and that makes you forget your preferred way of playing tennis, to avoid it, take an inventory of how you want to take the game, long points, keep the opponent behind the baseline, keep the ball on the weaker side of the opponent, etc.

An essential part of the game is focused on seeing the weak points of your opponent, weak backhand, does not move when running forward or backward, has poor volleys, and decide how you are going to exploit them, giving more force with my forehand, play with a lot of drops, etc …

Tennis has many advantages, even for the health of your back. Wearing high shoes too often can hurt your spine by forcing a spiked posture. Try to combine all your outfits with this sports shoes, and you will see how free and fresh you will feel.