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How to Return a Powerful Tennis Loot

April 23, 2018

If you have an opponent with a powerful tennis loot, your position to subtract (return the tennis serve) should be one meter behind the normal. In cases where your opponent’s serve is overflowing in speed and you are not used. You would have to increase this distance two meters back from your normal position.

Tips for Powerful Tennis Loot

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The problems to return powerful tennis loot of the rival come mainly from lack of time in the preparation of the blow. Therefore there are exercises of training where only the rest is practiced (return of serve). Demanding to the student that when at the speed of the service of Increasing tennis should practice reducing the amplitude of movement. This is an exercise that I practice a lot with my students in my tennis classes. After the tennis, I think the rest is the second most important blow of the point and requires a training as important as the tennis.

When you manage to make return to serving with wide movement but also cut because you need to gain time to achieve beat in front of the body. It is no longer necessary to wait for your opponent’s tennis throw a meter or two behind the normal position. It is there When you can start to train strategies of pressure in the rest in the style Andre Agassi where he came to enter the track and make remains of attack with a stroke of cut but levering with the strength of the serve of his opponent knocking near the box serve. His return of serve in an offensive blow and becoming one of the best subtractors in the world.

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From a mental point of view

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Converting your paybacks into a more offensive and pressure-blow for your rival is a way to destabilize your rival’s mental patterns of trust since you do not expect it and the normal thing is that the player who pulls is the one who dominates, so when he encounters a very good offensive subtractor, that will shake his pre-established patterns.

I hope these short tips will help you improve your service returns. A very strong greeting and until next time.

Intratas are also involved in the mental preparation, from routines of position, activation, concentration, and visualization to improve the outcome of the blow as well as the intervals between points known as mental bubbles to maintain concentration at the highest level. You may like also:

If you have not started to train your mind as a tennis player in a more serious and tidy way I recommend starting with my mental training program in tennis and then if you have finished it, it is advisable to continue with the mental routine in tennis Which is a bit more advanced powerful tennis loot.