Did you always want to learn to play tennis

January 5, 2017

Dear beginner tennis player,

Would you like to…

How to Play Tennis

Learn quickly to play tennis and without the frustration that beginners often experience with tennis?

Save hundreds of dollars on tennis lessons by getting exactly the same information here for less than what a lesson costs?

Learn techniques that cement the basics of advanced punches for when you’re ready to play them?

Learn tennis with a “one-on-one” approach that allows you to develop your own strokes in a fluid way, instead of robotically mimicking your coach’s strokes?

Learning to play tennis can be a pleasant journey, especially when your game develops to the level where you can move effortlessly across the court and can make precise and powerful strokes.

play tennis

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However, as in any journey, you can avoid going in the wrong direction. The address you take at the beginning will make all the difference to the place in which you are going to finalize.

Unfortunately, the teaching of tennis has been too intellectual, with too many verbal instructions. The result has been extremely mental beginners that move like robots courts.

I’ve seen tennis players, spend hundreds of dollars on lessons, only to end up more confused than ever … and unable to keep the ball in play for more than a few blows!

Have you been taking lessons and hitting hundreds of balls without any significant progress?

Do you feel that you are stuck or maybe going in the wrong direction?

The greatest danger for a beginner tennis player is learning a blow in the wrong way. Once the body learns a pattern of movement it is difficult to unlearn it. Clear muscle memory replacing it with a new right movement, is a process frustrating and difficult.

And the hardest things to unlearn are those we learn as beginners. The failures you acquire at this stage are deeply rooted. They can chase you forever, making you lose shots you should not miss.

Do not let this happen…

Right now the right path, as a beginner, and quickly you enjoy your tennis game with beautiful strokes and the ability to consistently give them, again and again, with force and precision.