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How to attract a child to play tennis?

April 27, 2017

It is important that children start early in play tennis, and we give advice on some keys to generate the necessary interest and thus increase the chances that it will remain linked to this great sport.

Surely for every father who is a lover of tennis, the great desire is to transfer that taste to his children, so that they learn to play with children and have the same values and virtues that they achieved through this sport.

Tips on how to start the play tennis for children

That’s why we give some tips on how to start the youngest in this sport, in a totally initial stage and outside the tennis schools where they can incorporate; The idea is to generate some personal interest before taking you to a specific place to learn the secrets of tennis.

play tennis

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There is no certain age as perfect to start in tennis, but usually the ideal is between five and six years, mainly because of the contribution it can give in the formation and growth of the child; In fact, this sport is considered as one of the best activities to develop coordination, among other aspects.

There is no certain age as perfect to start in tennis

The most important thing, although it sounds logical, is that it is fun. This must be translated into the fact that the child must be given total freedom to do what he likes with the two most basic elements: a racket and a ball.

At such a young age should use rackets according to their size, which can usually be plastic, and rubber-foam balls for the effort is minimal. The key is that the child can simply hit the ball and have the feeling of what the sport is about. So not important how they take the racket, hit the ball or how many boats.

These games can be played either in the garden of a house or on a court itself. If the child has a certain naturalness or else you can put the net into generating a slightly more real situation in the half-court squares, but it is not necessary.

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So, you have to get a sense of what the child likes best, which way he gets interested and the games that attract him the most. Another key is to not press on playing time. If your child gets tired or fast bores should not be forced, the important thing is to generate interest and establish a certain periodicity to practice, even once a week.

play tennis

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At this early age, the paternal figures are the main hook. Even if you do not want to start the small one in your practice, it may be good to take it to see your parents or siblings do it and so the hook could be created beforehand. The point is to see that parents are always interested in playing and are entertained with it and will be faithful to their own concern to learn.

In fact, in future stages, when already integrating a sports club and taking more specific classes, the assistance and accompaniment of the parents for most of them will be essential to fit better in a group and feel secure to continue growing in their learning.

The latter may also be logical, but at the same time it may be difficult to accept: not all children will like it. Much as a parent is a fanatic and avid player should never force a child to do so and if there is a point where the disinterest is already irreversible, you simply have to support your decision and accompany you in any other activity you want.