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How many calories burned tennis match? Single and double

November 29, 2018

Practicing sports is essential to maintain a healthy life, and it is also a great way to have fun or even meet new people. For this reason, it is important to choose the sport that we like the most. It encourages us to practice it. It is also important to know what energetic wear this activity implies. And that is why we want to explain in detail how many calories burned tennis match.

Factors involved in calories burned tennis

 calories burned tennis

First of all, it is essential that you know what factors are important when calculating the calories you burn when playing tennis. In this way, the number will vary depending on:

It will not be the same to play tennis as a beginner than to do it expertly, since the latter will always spend more energy and therefore their caloric loss will be greater. In this way, if you are starting in the world of tennis or practice it as a hobby.

How many calories do I burn playing tennis? You should apply the described formula to know the calories you will burn:

Calories burned approx. = 0.032 x (weight x 2.2) X total practice minutes.

Example: A person weighing 80 kilos who plays tennis for one hour must calculate:

0.032 x (70 x 2.2) X 60 = 295.68 calories

tennis burn calories

Play tennis as an expert (singles)

In the case of those people with a certain level in the practice of tennis. The effective formula will change, and when you play simple you will have to calculate it based on:

Calories burned approx. = 0.071 x (weight x 2.2) X total practice minutes.

Play tennis as an expert (doubles)

If a doubles competition is played, you must also modify the way to calculate the calories burned in tennis. The result will be less than playing as singles since the physical effort is shared between both team members:

Calories burned approx. = 0.049 x (weight x 2.2) X total practice minutes.

The correct amount of calories you burn during a 2-hour individual tennis match will depend on your current weight, gender and the intensity with which you play. The American Dietetic Association estimates that amateur players can burn between 600 and 1,320 calories for two-hour individual sessions, while professionals can burn between 668 and 1,728 calories.

tennis workout

Turn on the game

Between points, players only rest 25 seconds. During the changes, the rest period is 90 seconds. Keep moving during this time. Run or jog to retrieve the balls between points. During the 90-second shift, jog in place, perform squats or other calisthenics.

Consume carbohydrates to maintain potency

Consuming approximately 100 g of foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables 30 minutes before the game increases performance levels towards the end of a prolonged game. Consume 50 g every two hours on the court. Calculate 2.7 g per pound of body weight. The protein requirements are equivalent to .55 to .8 g per pound of body weight.

play alone

Play alone

Do not let the absence of an opponent prevent you from reaching your goals regarding your physical fitness and calories. Participate in routines to bounce the ball, rent a machine throws balls, take a private session or play against a board to burn calories, tone muscles and keep your elbows in shape. All these tennis workouts will help you burn more than 400 calories per hour. The more you try in a class or session with a board, the more calories you will burn. Admit to a cardio tennis class where, on average, women will burn between 300 and 500 calories and men between 500 and 1,000 calories per hour.