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How important to know how to play your opponent before a match?

October 24, 2016

If you do not know, the opponent will be the first games of the meeting to suggest the winning solutions to make inroads into our antagonistic game.

We must not forget that winning a tennis match is nothing more than solving for the first and in the best way a whole series of problems due to the type of opponent’s game and countless internal and external causes to the playing field (surface, environmental, physical, psychological, etc.).

Play tennis

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The first step to victory is precisely by taking the correct measures imposing opponent and at the same time adapting our game.

After analyzing the characteristics opponent, it is realistically appropriate to assess our capabilities and our shots.

I pointed out in a realistic manner because it often happens, especially among the very young, the presumptuous or simply to have poor self-assessment skills. Sometimes in preparing the game can help change roles with your opponent, this may suggest tactical elements that the player will use against us and help us find the appropriate and proper counter moves. Once we developed the game plan, all that remains is to bring out the best of themselves and apply it in the best way; however, this is not always possible because:

1) The opponent fails to take adequate measures. In this case, the player must make some changes to your game before it is too late; if we are losing 6-2 4-1 is probably too late to change strategy. Knowing when and how to change their strategy game plan during the meeting requires a lot experience and several matches played behind.

2) We cannot transmute In practice the strategy elaborated in theory. Sometimes it can happen that a perfect tactic worked perfectly in the table may not work because the tennis player does not have the ability to apply it in the best, or that day cannot express the kind of game that on other occasions he had performed with success.

3) Abandon the strategy too early after a start of the race in which we do not collect the expected results. Having decided on a strategy, it is essential to believe firmly. Not the choice of tactics always work instantly, sometimes you need a bit of time before the game of our opponent begins to show signs of slowing.

Often the younger and inexperienced players simply losing a few points to lose the confidence in the tactical choice and venture into alternative solutions.