How an extra pair of socks can stop football blisters

April 13, 2017

Anyone who has ever had a blister will know just how debilitating it can be. It starts as a slow burn and then becomes an unbearable raw wound that takes ages to heal. It’s safe to say that blisters are high up on sportsmen’s lists of pet hates and that they’ll go to great lengths to avoid them.

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However, preventing blisters can be as simple as wearing a second pair of socks and ensuring that your shoes fit snugly and cannot rub. An extra pair of socks can make any sportsman’s life that much easier, and it’s amazing the difference that a thin layer of fabric can make!

A Too-Perfect Fit

When David Beckham had custom boots made to fit his feet, he discovered that a perfect fit may not be all it is cracked up to be. His customised boots didn’t allow for him to wear a second pair of socks, and when he tried them out, he ended up skipping training the next day due to the blisters they had given him.

Although both Nike and Adidas have tried to come up with incredibly high-tech football boots, it seems that two pairs of socks is always going to be the secret to avoiding blisters.

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The Heat Factor

Besides being caused by boots rubbing against football player’s feet, heat and playing conditions can also have an effect. It doesn’t matter at which level players are competing. Everyone, from those needing junior football kits such as those available at to professionals whose entire kit is sponsored, it seems that requirements are pretty much the same.

An extra pair of socks provides a cushion for the foot. Even in incredibly hot conditions when players are extra sweaty, they stop boots from rubbing. Hard, dry ground can also cause boots to absorb further impact, and this can cause them to rub even more. Again, an extra pair of socks provides a protective layer that cushions you from impact and will prevent blisters from forming.

A Global Issue

It seems that blisters are a big talking point for players. In some cases, they have been blamed for lacklustre performances and losses on the field. An extra pair of socks can fix the problem quickly and easily and is the secret to many sportsmen’s success!