top spin tennis

For the use of the flat tennis, cut and lifted (top spin)

September 13, 2017

The flat tennis serves

It is the most aggressive serve of all since it is with this with which you can get more power and speed on the ball. This type of service is usually used as the first service since the chances of failure are very high. The flat throw is not recommended as a second serve because if you lower the power of the same without printing any effect you will be exposed to a serve. It does little damage and your opponent will take the offensive on the point by subtracting aggressively thanks to your serve flat and harmless since you have removed his main weapon, the power to gain in safety.

top spin tennis

top spin tennis

The top spin tennis or top spin

This type of service is usually used by competition players as a second serve because it provides a very large safety margin because even if it is hit very hard. This type of serve wins in effect but not in power by the trajectory of the movement itself and this causes that the probabilities of the ball entering the serve box are greater with the extra difficulty for which the serve returns the result of the effect. It occurs in the ball when performing this type of serve.

It is important to remember that the kick-off tennis or top spin is the slowest of all but if done correctly can become a serve that does much damage to the opponent thanks to the large component of the effect that is transferred to the ball. The kick-off is a good resource for gaining confidence after a double fault has been committed. It is important to take into account where the ball will go with this type of effect if you are left-handed or right-handed. It also takes into consideration the box you are performing the serve to see if the ball will go to the right or reverse of the opponent according to the picture that you take out.

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In the case of right-handers, this effect comes out naturally to the right of the server with what to use to remove the opponent’s clue. When you have to remove the box on your right is great and so force him to subtract (return the serve) to you rival with a high ball. Backhand making it difficult to do a lot of success. In doubles matches, you can use this feature of the tennis kick to help you get on the net as you manage to open angle with time to conquer the net.

top spin tennis

top spin tennis

The tennis service cut or slice

It is a serve that is usually used to remove the opponent from the court and helps to conquer the net if you plan to apply the tactical model of serve and volley. The cutout usually opens from right to left when the player who takes out is right handed. It is important to know that this type of serve is a good resource not only as a second serve but also as a first serve by printing that effect but a higher power load to take the player off the court and with low balls when we pull the box on our left or that would be the right frame of the rival.

The tennis sack cut to the center of the table tends to annoy the opponent quite a bit because it is a low ball that requires a quick response of feet to move away from the ball and decide quickly if it hits right or backhand return. So if you have rivals slow feet.

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