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Exercise of the 25-25-25 of 3 × 3 recommended training the tennis serve

July 22, 2017

An exercise I recommend to train the tennis kick is the one I call the 25-25-25 of 3 × 3, i.e. 3 zones x 3 days a week with the aim of improving consistency and control of directions of balls in your tennis look. It means that in a single exercise we will try to train technical, tactical and mental aspects, now you will see how you can do it alone or with other partners of your tennis class.

Tennis Exertion (Technical, Tactical and Mental Training)

The dynamics of this tennis practice consists of making 25 consecutive serves to the outside corner of the serve box, then stop to collect those 25 balls. The idea of this break is to rest a little the shoulder of the 25 servers that you have made. Then go back and make another 25 serves to the inside corner of the serve box and come back. Collect the 25 balls and redo the last 25 serves to the middle of the box of serve to practice the throw of tennis. It goes directly to the body of your rival.

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Technical Training in Tennis

I recommend that when doing this exercise do not rush and take your time before making small pots of the ball before each serve. The idea is that you practice all your service routines so that they are automated and then in the games is an automatic process that you do without thinking, and that brings you peace of mind and security to be very familiar situations for you.

I also recommend taking mini blocks of two balls. It is to say one in the pocket and the other that you are going to take in the hand as if it was a game. When you go to the ball cart to catch the next two go thinking about the area that you direct the ball. You get back with your other two balls to the center line of the server. You can make small jumps before the first of the two serves.

After the 75 series with breaks every 25, I recommend leaving a day of rest of the service and return to perform the exercise on the third day.

The example could be as follows:

On Monday, you do the exercise 25-25-25 3 × 3 of the tennis players of variable areas.

On Tuesday, you are not looking.

On Wednesday, you do the same exercise 25-25-25 3 × 3 of the tennis players of variable zones.

On Thursday, you’re relieved of cash.

On Friday, you again do the same exercise 25-25-25 3 × 3 of the tennis players of variable areas.

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The weekend you rest from performing withdrawal activities. This weekend if you fancy you could play friendly matches at your tennis club. In case you play tennis matches on weekends and depending on your fitness, you could reduce this exercise to two days a week and game over the weekend if you feel you are too forced.

If you notice any unusual discomfort in the elbow or shoulder, I recommend that you stop exercising immediately and evaluate with your tennis teacher or physical trainer that this pain may be caused. Usually, it is generally due to some wrong movement in the technique of tennis kick that would have to be corrected and that if it does not do it in the medium term, it could produce some lesson of the shoulder or elbow mainly.

Remember that tennis is the greatest blow of all because it is with this that you start each point, so if you have an excellent serve you have a distinct advantage of setting the pace of that point and the odds of winning it are very High.

Many amateur club tennis players do not want to practice sport routinely because they are bored or given very poorly and what should be spent more time to train smartly with a good teacher and consistently.

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In my tennis classes, I always like to teach the technical aspect deeply and then relax tensions with a game that includes what we were training. If you do this exercise in your tennis class with other mates and everyone feels in good physical condition after the use. They could include a game like the king of the court with serve to relax tensions. Laugh a little among all. Add what you want to improve as is the tennis serve in this case but with a fun approach. Everyone can savor the fruits of previous work in a situation very similar to what would happen in a match.

Always remember this

The player who improves his tennis serve immediately climbs a few steps on his tennis level and begins to win matches that he previously had a hard time winning. Investing time and effort in training and improving your serve will give you great dividends in your future tennis matches, so it is one of the best investments you can make to achieve measurable progress in a reasonable time.

As you well know, I specialize in the mental training of tennis players, so I usually include mental routines in the exercises I do. In this particular exercise, I have given you several very subtle recommendations of mental routines that can help you, as well as coaching the tactical and technical aspect. If you are interested in learning how to train your mind to win the mental game and learn how to include these mental routines in strokes as important as the tennis match I recommend the following program:

If you want to find out how you can start from today to train your mind like professional tennis players, stay connected with us and become a player with advantage. Most tennis players neglect the psychological pillar in his tennis workouts.

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