Tennis in Winter Season

Dressing for Tennis in Winter Season

February 28, 2017

Winter Tennis

With the arrival of winter, outdoor tennis, like other similar sports activities, suffers the consequences of bad weather, in many cases, there are players who stop playing until the arrival of spring, but much other passionate do not fear the cold and they continue practicing it during the winter.

For these brave then we will offer a series of tips to keep in mind to protect you from the cold and play with full guarantees.

The first tip will be about the proper clothing to wear during the winter.

  • T-shirt
  • Skirt and Thermal Leggings
  • Shoes

Tennis in Winter Season

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The upper part should be thermal clothing that maintains the body temperature and if possible not very tight because it could prevent some fast movements, the better to prevail a comfortable, light and comfortable clothing to play more loose at the time of hitting the ball.

Skirt and Thermal Leggings

The lower part is always preferable a short pant to be able to run faster and flex the legs without limitations but it is also possible to wear thermal belts (more used in women’s tennis but also gaining ground in the men’s).


And finally, footwear is fundamental when it comes to playing outdoor tennis in winter, since it is usually habitual to play after rain, fog or frost, which usually leaves the cement or grass slopes more slippery, We recommend you use multi-heeled shoes because they are the sneakers that offer greater grip to get a grip on the top surface, thus avoiding play with insecurity for fear of possible falls during the game.

However, apart from all the advice about the ideal clothing to play in winter, the second most important after being well dressed is the warm up, nor can it be said that with the cold muscles tend to be more entangled in the beginning, so there are That increase the warm-up time prior to the game, intensifying aerobic and anaerobic exercises, to start the game with intensity and safety of not suffering any muscle injury.