Play tennis

Do You Want to Start Playing Tennis?

April 1, 2017

There is nothing better than practicing a little exercise outdoors. Funny, easy to learn and two in two. It is not expensive and it is a good alternative to spend the weekend doing something different.

Play Tennis Is Easy

Learning to play tennis is relatively easy, what is difficult is to reach the level of professionals. If you want to have fun with your partner and enjoy the game, with a few weekends will suffice; You can begin to give the ball well, control the strength with which you must hit it, to aim and to know how to deceive your partner about where you are going to send the ball.

All you need is practice and practice. Mastering a series of basic strokes and strategies, you will move on the track like a fish in the water.

Play tennis

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First Step

To play you do not need anything, you just win. It does not matter if you do not have a ball or a racquet since in clubs they usually rent them along with the track.

Surely you have seen on TV some time a game of this sport. It is practiced with racquet and balls. You can play against your partner (singles or singles) or you and your partner against two of your friends (doubles). The fun is more than assured. Tennis is played on various surfaces; Depends on the place you go to; Usually, if you play outdoors the slopes are usually dirt or grass; And if you play indoors cement.

A match -or match- consists of games and sets that are as partial of the match. The first player or pair that wins six games and that maintains two of difference with respect to the rival team wins the set.

Dominating The Ball

The essential thing is that you learn to master the ball. From there, eat bread. If you feel like it and you can afford it, get a monitor to teach you four things about tennis, so you can defend yourself on the court. Or if you prefer, do it yourself. We give you some advice.

First, stand in front of a pediment wall and pull against the wall trying to always touch the ball slightly above the foul line. In this way, you will learn not only to block the ball with this blow but also to give it power and weight. Ah! And above all and above all: look at the ball. It may sound crappy to you, but turning your eyes away from the ball early can have an influence and give you a wrong direction. It is not easy to hit the ball well. That is why you have to follow it at all times with your eyes. And when it comes to taking out, you have to try to look to the point where you want the ball to touch the racquet.

Racquet  And Balls

To get off to a good start, get yourself a good racquet. Not all are the same. If you are a newbie, choose a racquet of your size. How do you know which one suits you? Very simple: extend the arm fully; The end of the racquet should match the ankle. And size, whatever they say, does not matter. If the racquet is too large, you will give the ball very off-centered with respect to the racquet; This will increase vibrations and can lead to shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries. If on the other hand, it is too small, you could suffer problems in the elbow, since to give to the ball you will close too much the hand.

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And the balls. They are also important. There are two types of balls: training balls, which go on a boat or in a bag without a vacuum, and which have a long duration. And, on the other hand, the normal ones, that serve as much to train as to compete and that yes, they are kept in the void. The training balls have a tougher feel than normal, they throw a lot more because they have more pressure inside. Playing with them on a hard surface is quite complicated if you are not a fast player since they bounce very violently and weigh a lot.

If you are a newbie, a trick: use balls for children. They have no pressure and the rubber is softer for a slow and simple boat. They also weigh much less. They are designed to make mini tennis, or what is the same, to play on a smaller track. So, children’s balls make tennis easier for those who take their first steps.

Just do not rush the life of the balls too much. When they wear out, they lose their pressure, the boat is slower, and they lose hair, which makes them very difficult to get them to boot. If you are a novice player, you will see that the ball remains soft a week or two after opening the pot. If the ball does not work well, you will not enjoy tennis. It’s like playing on a bumpy track. So, it is better to take a new one.

So, already equipped, why do not you stop enjoying tennis from the sofa at home and throw yourself on the track? Being so popular, it is practiced in all corners of the peninsular geography. Almost all the municipalities have facilities where you can give a few tips, as well as prepared monitors that will help you take the first steps.