Cristiano Ronaldo l the reconversion of a star

Cristiano Ronaldo l the reconversion of a star

November 18, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo was -I allow myself to use a verb in the past because the Portuguese no longer overflows the band as before- the best end on the left, was positioned to change leg to achieve dribble rivals and have a better view of the bow to perform that lash with his dominant leg, that powerful right; that when using it, the goalkeepers tremble in panic.

His best years as an extreme were enjoyed during his time at Manchester United. Sir. Alex Ferguson was amazed by his ease of bargaining and especially by the physical freshness that showed on the pitch during a friendly match played by the English club with the set in which he played the Lusitanian, Sporting Club de Lisboa, Portugal.

His speed was beastly, but his accuracy facing the bow, quite sterile. Something that, the experienced, strategist would change, shaping the Portuguese at will and making him the player we know today.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his name in the history of the English club

Cristiano Ronaldo l the reconversion of a star

Cristiano Ronaldo l the re-conversion of a star

His long and powerful tours by the bands of Old Trafford, still generate sighs among the fans of Manchester United. His goals will always be remembered because he was a worthy heir of number 7, that distinguished dorsal that is part of the history of the team, and what great figures wore in the past, David Beckham and Eric Cantona, to name a few.

His projection in the English club was huge, however, left the feeling of having completed a cycle as a player of Manchester United. Therefore, an astute Florentino Perez, a versatile businessman who knows how to meet his objectives, seducing Portuguese to command his new sports project, the second cycle as president of the historic white club, Real Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo would fulfill a dream as a player

I would wear that immaculate and impeccable white raid that is part of football history. However, not everything would go as he pleased, he would have to settle for a few moments with the shirt with the number 9, why his favorite shirt had an absolute owner, Raúl González Blanco.

A tiny misfortune because it was made known in the universe of football with that number 7 behind. Curiosities of life, in the final stretch of his career, plays with his favorite dorsal but is developed in the position of center forward, which is identified in the history of football with the number 9.

While the others run, I define

Cristiano Ronaldo l the reconversion of a star

Explain why Cristiano Ronaldo moves away from the band to occupy center forward positions, part of a proposal by Zinedine Zidane to unlock games with the physical power of the Portuguese. The player expands his personal records and the team manages to win games, a proposal that allows everyone to win.

However, it is a move that Zidane reserves for the final minutes of the game, a move that allows the matches to be finalized. Cristiano Ronaldo starts the games playing in the band, an established position to confirm alignments and meet the requirements of the game, because of the Portuguese as the Argentine moves throughout the field. Therefore, the position of center forward corresponds to Karim Benzema or Alvaro Morata in his absence. Then, when fatigue corrupts the legs of the defenders, in those moments when the clock approaches the end of the game, the Portuguese moves to the center of the area and manages to define plays with brilliant precision.

With the departure of the Frenchman from the field of play, enter youngsters who possess a huge speed and an astonishing facility to place balls inside the area. The Portuguese in this way relinquishes his position in the band to players like Asensio or James Rodriguez, likewise in the right wing an elusive and achiever Lucas Vasquez understands that his job is to handballs to the Portuguese to define facing the goal. Issues of respect for hierarchy and seniority.

A position that will allow you to postpone your retirement

The extreme position is too demanding for any player, especially for those players close to the dates where the physical does not allow to perform as in youth. That exhausting tour of the band, did not allow Cristiano Ronaldo to face the goal with ease to define, it reaches a point where his repertoire of dribbling is not as before, the defences get to guess their movements more easily.

Therefore, not to dose his movements and not reinvent himself as a player, Cristiano Ronaldo would have easily entered a point of no return to sports competitiveness. However, this reconversion as a footballer will allow him to postpone his retirement, and manage to stay in the football elite for a much longer period.

Cristiano Ronaldo l the reconversion of a star

This new position as forward, allows you to save speed and efforts that deplete it during the whole stretch of the season. In addition, he increases his records as a scorer and thus compete for prizes and individual distinctions that help him maintain his universal prestige.

In this way, we could easily talk about a Cristiano Ronaldo playing professionally at the age of 40, perhaps an exaggerated number, but we must take into account that Portuguese is, in addition to a great footballer, a disciplined athlete, one who cares in a strict way your diet to avoid gaining weight; since your metabolism does not burn calories with the same speed of yesteryear.

Therefore, taking into consideration his quality as a goal scorer, his extreme care in food, the name of Cristiano Ronaldo will not be far from the podium of awards in the immediate future.

Numbers and goals for a new Golden Ball

Cristiano Ronaldo l the reconversion of a star

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer who has an average of 40 goals per season, some bestial figures, taking into account that other colleagues fail to match their scores. For the moment, and I say for now, because the campaign has not ended yet; the Portuguese has 37 goals in 43 games.

Numbers that perhaps do not match what was achieved in the period (2015-2016) in which he managed to win the Golden Ball, but it is the importance of his annotations which allows him to be considered as the main candidate to repeat as the best player in the world.

His 5 goals against Bayern Munich in the 4 th finals of the UEFA Champions League, his Hat-Trick against Atlético de Madrid in the semi-finals of the same competition, 8 goals in total that make the Portuguese footballer of the competition.  A campaign where he has proven his worth as the best in the world appearing in the most delicate moments of the season, those in which the legs weigh but where the distinguished manage to shine and immortalize his name for eternity.

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