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Concerns Of Parents Who Send Their Children To a Camp

March 22, 2017

The concerns of parents are normal when pointing to your son for the first time at a summer camp, because it may be the first time they are separated from them for a long period of time. Most worry that their child has never been alone and they do not know if he will adapt well, whether he will miss the family, be well looked after or fed correctly. The list of fears of first-time parents is long and varied and always leads them to think that their children will have a bad time in the camp and want to return home as soon as possible.

tennis for children

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The first thing that needs to be clarified is that in practice it is usually the parents who are worst at separation. From 8 – 9 years old children are already prepared to leave home a few days without their parents and meet new people outside of their family environment. Of course, regardless of age, the most important thing is that the child wants to go camping and that the parents see that he is ready to take the step.

In these summer camps children, do not stop for a minute to do activities and have fun, living with children their age and knowing new places. Living one of these camps makes the children discover their own autonomy, learn to resolve conflicts without the help of their parents and begin to mature. It is normal that the first days of camping the children feel boring and have a little bad, never before have been alone away from home and the situation is totally new. It is even possible for the child to call home to tell his parents that he wants to come back and that he does not like being there. In these cases, the best thing is for the parents to reassure the child and encourage him to continue, reminding him that after a couple of days he will begin to adapt, make new friends.

Parents should always convey safety and tranquility to the children, and remember that throughout the camp will be supervised and cared for by a team of professional monitors, who comply with strict selection policies and are perfectly trained and qualified to take care of the smallest During the 24 hours of the day. To avoid insecurities, it is recommended that the parents know the organization of the camp, the plans and activities that it includes and the preparation of its monitors. It is also very convenient to know the ratio of monitors per child in the camp, the ideal is 1 monitor for every 15 or 20 children. In addition, when in doubt.

Another of the parents’ biggest concerns is that their children travel alone to the camp site. That children travel alone is an increasingly common practice and that is why most airlines and train companies offer escort services to children under the age of 16, who take care of the children throughout the journey. In addition, the camps usually have transfer services in which a monitor picks up the children at the destination airport and accompanies them to the facilities where the camp will take place, both to and from the return trip.

As a general rule, camps are prepared to receive children of all kinds and with any special needs, but parents need to communicate any of these care, such as specific diet or medication, in good time before the organization can adapt to changes appropriately.

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It is also necessary to communicate in advance is the possibility that several children who know each other share the same room. On many occasions, friends, cousins or even siblings go to the same camp, it reduces the parents’ concern and makes the little ones better able to adapt to the new environment in which they live. That all share the same room does not usually pose any problem if the camp is advised in advance and it has rooms prepared for it.

The camps have become the perfect opportunity for parents and children to spend some time apart and for the youngest of the house to increase their autonomy outside the family environment. The concerns of parents are common, but the most important thing is to relax before the separation and enjoy all the new stages that will live next to your child, such as buying the things you need, packing, talking about Well that will happen, say goodbye and receive it with all his love when he returns from the camp. The small risks involved in hiring a summer camp will be offset by the wonderful vacation the child will experience.