tennis as a sport

Why choose tennis as a sport? Short guideline

June 25, 2018

After so many years of being on a tennis court, as a player and later as a coach, I am always asked this question: why do you recommend this sport to me? and several answers come out of this same question on tennis as a sport.

Being an individual sport, the experiences are different from other team sports, where one is alone on the field fighting against the world, and why against the world? One of the worst rivals is the wind, you have to know how to deal with it, do not lose your calm and find a way to take advantage of it, use it to my advantage. Keep reading: Why is tennis an especially mental sports?

Why choose tennis as a sport?

tennis as a sport

Another can be the public. Sometimes there are only the parents of the opponent, or maybe the coach, or in some cases the whole family, and all without exception, against one, it does not matter if one won a very well played ball.

Another enemy and the worst is yourself, not only do I have a rival on the other side, but I also do not like anything about what I do.

And so many other things, like the strings, the worn out tennis courts, the court, etc. etc.

But the beauty of all this is what one learns knowing how to overcome all these obstacles, seeking to have a lot of calm, patience, control of oneself, not letting oneself be overcome at any moment, taking time between points, looking for ways to fix things, running all the balls, or go for all, use every muscle of my body, no matter how tired or achy it may be.

All this can happen in every game, pride, wanting to be better have this always present.

tennis as a sport

In addition to all these teachings, we also learn to shake hands with the opposite, not only the result, but not only that, if he won, I must congratulate him on sports ethics, and if I win, he has to be without pride.

Throughout the years played, one also sees the number of friends that this sports leaves, that is a gold mine, and it is not easy to obtain, especially when competing.

It is also a sport that is played at all ages, you can start in four years and have 80 and continue playing and fighting each point for the first time.

tennis as a sport

By the way, I have a group of friends that every Saturday we get together to play and the ages are between 50 to 80, and all without exception fight each of the points with everything and finished, all friends and happy just for the fact play tennis among friends.

Another issue is that the whole family can play it, and an example that I lived by luck was in my own flesh, playing with my father and my two children one double, three generations on the court, it was an unforgettable moment, beautiful, and My wife Lety was also added to the party. What more could you want?

That’s why I recommend you play tennis as a sport. You may also like: