how to choose tennis balls

How to choose tennis balls for beginners?

August 16, 2018

One of the most popular racquet sports there is tennis, a sport that is one of the most popular sports in the world. If you have decided to practice it, you will have to acquire a racket, special shoes and of course, you must choose a good tennis ball.

In tennis, it is about hitting the ball with the racket towards the other side of the field, something we do with the aim of trying to get as many points as possible by putting it in the opponent’s field and preventing the latter from returning the racket. Keep reading: 5 exercises to tone arms for playing tennis shot perfectly

The tennis ball is perhaps the most important element of this sport since what really needs to be done is playing with the ball, which will always be present here.

How to choose tennis balls?

how to choose tennis balls

Moreover, many people play tennis alone, against the wall, in a variant called front tennis, which is about hitting the ball against the wall. Others go further and play Basque pelota, in which the ball is hit with the hand, without a racket. If you notice, you can play without people and even without a racket, but you can never play without a ball, which means that the ball is the most important element in the world to play tennis and without it, it is impossible to do absolutely nothing.

However, you have to know how to choose a ball with great skill, since there are people who choose bad quality balls, which do not bounce well, they cannot be hit in the right way and finally they end up broken in a short time, causing the end the cheap is expensive. Other people, spend hundreds of euros on professional balls. Something that is not necessary, since you do not need to buy Rafa Nadal’s ball to play this fantastic sport, without a doubt. For this reason, we need a small guide on how to buy a ball in this sport, a small guide that is responsible for providing advice on how to buy a ball without spending a lot of money but achieving the highest quality price.

The good news is that this is precisely what I have here today, I have an impressive guide on how to acquire a tennis ball, explaining everything you need to start playing tennis with the best possible ball, spending little money and having a lot of quality.

Instructions for choosing a tennis ball

Choose tennis balls

The texture of the ball:

The first thing we have to take into account when buying a tennis ball is to try to choose a good texture of the ball. We call the texture of the ball to the touch that the ball has when we put our hands on it, or rather when we have the racket hitting it. It is very important to have a good texture in balls of this type because if they have a texture that does not grip well, he serves will not be able to do well and they will not be able to hit the right way either.

The good thing is that most tennis balls on the market have a good texture, something that will allow you to have a lot of mistakes in this regard, so nothing happens in this case for buying a cheap ball, as they all have the good texture for some years.

The color of the ball:

The color of the tennis ball is usually the classic greenish-yellow color, a color that is very ingrained in popular culture and that’s why most of the balls of this sport always have this color. However, there are other colors that can sometimes come better to have a better gaming experience.

Choose tennis balls

For example, you can try to choose a darker color on tracks of different colors, to make it look better. A black ball can be good on a worn track that has hardly any color. On a clay track, the yellow color goes well, but also a light color like white would go very well. Although I tell you that normally the classic color of the tennis ball that we all know is good for 90% of the tracks and fields, so you can buy them in this color to have almost 100% success.

Weight of the ball:

The next step that we must take into account is the weight of the ball since a too heavy ball is too complicated to hit with the racket since you have to exert too much force with the racket to be able to make it work the proper way. However, a ball that is too light could also be a problem, because if it is too light, you could go too far or not get a correct hit. What you should try to do is find a weight that is neither too light nor too heavy, something that fortunately has a lot of tennis balls, as this is quite successful.

In addition, to a normal weight, we also have to see that it is a ball able to withstand the blows that we give them, since it does not make sense to spend money on a tennis ball if then it could ruin us in a short time if we hit with too much strength.

Price of the ball:

tennis balls

If you have noticed correctly, most items on a tennis ball are found in both cheap balls and expensive balls. For this reason, you do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive balls when it’s almost the same. However, you do not have to buy a fifty cents ball either, since there is one thing that does change, the duration of it. As we said before, we have to look for a ball that we can hit hard and that lasts a long time.

Because if we do it very hard and it breaks we will have to spend the money twice. Because we will have to buy another ball. Balls from places like Decathlon are pretty good and are not very expensive, therefore, you should always try to buy the balls in these places, if you do not want to spend a kidney and you want balls that last. Also try to find packs of balls, because if you buy three or four balls instead of just one.

Other important elements of tennis:

Choose tennis balls

Without the doubt, the ball is one of the most important elements of tennis, if not the most important. However, unless you play front tennis or the Basque ball, we must take into account other factors to be able to play tennis easily, such as the tennis racket and its quality, the shoes, the protective elements and finally the partner. The shoes should be comfortable, they should not be silent and easy to use. The racket should be light, but resistant, that is, be able to withstand the impact when hitting with it.

Finally, we have the protective elements and the partner, importance, since the partner must be of a level similar to ours and the elements such as the wristband, the knee, and the sweatband should be comfortable and 100% effective. If you enjoyed reading our article how to choose tennis balls, don’t forget to share. You might also read: