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History of Tennis, Who And Where Was Invented

Of course, tennis is a game where you must hit the ball over a net with a racquet is an entertainment and sport with a lot of history.

It has always been an activity reserved for people of the upper class and the aristocracy. But fortunately, this fact has changed over time.

The whole history of tennis and its origin

 Do you know who invented tennis and where did it go? Also, we explain a lot of interesting and interesting data. You fancy?

Index of contents

  1. Origin of tennis
  2. Where tennis was invented
  3. Who Invented Tennis

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Tennis in Winter Season

Dressing for Tennis in Winter Season

Winter Tennis

With the arrival of winter, outdoor tennis, like other similar sports activities, suffers the consequences of bad weather, in many cases, there are players who stop playing until the arrival of spring, but much other passionate do not fear the cold and they continue practicing it during the winter.

For these brave then we will offer a series of tips to keep in mind to protect you from the cold and play with full guarantees.

The first tip will be about the proper clothing to wear during the winter.

  • T-shirt
  • Skirt and Thermal Leggings
  • Shoes

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Zones of The Tennis Track

The Zones of The Tennis Track

Knowing the areas of the court has a fundamental importance to understand the game and to progressively improve and try to play tennis well. His knowledge is of a tactical nature and helps to play more intelligently, being able to select the shots to make and the way in which each player will move on the court.

1) Defense

2) Control

3) Pressure

4) Attack

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tennis court

Types of Tennis Courts

Brick powder

Brick dust can be built with natural clay, clay, or   Brick dust   Produced by the grinding of brick   Red. Spain   And Argentina   Have been characterized by a great development of tennis on red clay and the most famous tournament in the world on this surface are the Tournament of Roland, in Paris, whose tracks are built with red clay extracted from clay. Read More “Types of Tennis Courts”

Andy Murray

Best Tennis Player: Andy Murray

Andy Murray was born in the UK. His date of birth is 15th MAY 1987 and he becomes pro at 2005.

A Short History of Andy Murray

about andy murray
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A tremendous win in Melbourne would award Murray the third stage of a career Grand Slam and have reached the final. He will have every expectation of at least emulating that run – and going one better than the five losses he has suffered.

Four of those have been against of Djokovic, counting last year when the Serb beat Murray in the first of two Grand Slam final matches of 2016 but Murray now has the confidence the final six months of last year gave him an opportunity.

Murray has Ivan Lendl back in the player’s box, the Czech who has helped conduct Murray to all three of his Grand Slam titles so far and Olympic gold at London 2012.

He kicked off 2017 by failure the final in Qatar, but he ran into Djokovic who triumphed in three sets and the couple look set for another huge collision in the final in Melbourne.

Murray has reached at least the last eight in each of the last seven years in Melbourne, and the semi-final in six of those – it’s only the designation that continues to get away from him.


22/01/17 M Zverev Australian Open R4 Lost
20/01/17 S Querrey Australian Open R3 Won
18/01/17 A Rublev Australian Open R2 Won
16/01/17 I Marchenko Australian Open R1 Won
07/01/17 N Djokovic ATP Qatar ExxonMobil Open F Lost
06/01/17 T Berdych ATP Qatar ExxonMobil Open SF Won

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Novak Djokovic: Hilarious Moments II

He’s one of the best players in the world, but he’s also one of the most entertaining. In fact, Novak Djokovic has so many amusing highlights that we couldn’t fit them all into one video. Here’s our second compilation of laugh-worthy moments from our favorite Serbian tennis star.

They don’t call him the Djoker for nothing!