Paolo Maldini

Captain Maldini will return to the courts but to the Tennis courts; Will debut at age 48

July 8, 2017

Paolo Maldini is one of the most famous defenses in the world of football. Everlasting captain of Milan, in the days when he was one of the strongest teams on the planet, and of course, indisputable title holder of the Italian team, with whom he played four world championships.

He is a member of Miami FC’s North American Soccer League, which is the second division in professional football in the United States, but will also return to the fields of professional sport, at age 48 will debut.

About Captain, Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini

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Maldini was born in Milan to Cesare Maldini and Maria Luisa De Mezz. He has been joined to Venezuelan previous model Adriana Fossa. The couple has two children, Christian and Daniel, who both have been marked by Maldini’s previous club Milan and played in the young groups. His dad Cesare was additionally a footballer who likewise played as a guard.

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Captained Milan, and spoke to the Italy national group, later going ahead to end up noticeably a mentor. All through Cesare’s administrative job, he instructed his child both in the Italy under-21 side and the senior group. And additionally at Milan, likewise dealing with a few different groups. On 3 April 2016. Paolo’s dad Cesare died at 84 years old. His mom died soon thereafter, on 28 July 2016.

In a tennis tournament

After 25 years as captain of Milan will return to that city, but now in the Aspria Tennis Cup, to play in the doubles mode.

Paolo Maldini

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This tournament is part of the ATP Challenger Series, which is the “second division” of the professional events of this sport.

His coach commented:

Paolo has an excellent service, he does not have a particularly strong point, but he does not have any weaknesses either.

The truth did not say anything, so it’s best to wait to see him on the court and know how he does it.

Paolo Maldini playing tennis

In 1994 he was considered the best soccer player in the world, and the legend, Pele. Included him in his list of the 125 most valuable players of all time. So, we know very well his quality and competitive spirit.

If that claw and vision I had when I was a defender leads them to tennis. Hopefully, good things from the great Captain.