Best tennis shoes 2018

Best tennis shoes 2018: Choose your right one

July 10, 2018

Are you looking for the best tennis shoes 2018 for this 2018? What are the best-rated tennis shoes? Do you need high-quality tennis shoes and do not decide to choose? We have compiled a list with the best running shoes of 2018. If you want to know the keys to choose your shoes do not miss this article.

Best tennis shoes 2018

Best tennis shoes 2018


The Triumph Iso 4 by Saucony is by far its most famous and best-selling slippers. Like the Iso Freedom or Liberty Iso , this model has a midsole 100% Everun . In addition, they are also designed with the classic Isofit system, which confers a precise and comfortable fit. This type of shoes are aimed at runners looking for comfort in their workouts, regardless of the distance. Keep reading: Gym exercises for tennis

If you are looking for a shoe to roll at smooth rhythms, the new Triumph Iso 2018 are for you. They are the perfect shoes for filming between 4:30 and 5:30 min / km. On the other hand, Saucony has made a change in its design, more urban and casual. In this way it is aligned with other brands such as Nike or adidas, seeking a more modern aesthetic.



As every year, the Asics Gel Nimbus 20   sneaks into our list of the best running shoes. This 2018 could not miss the most important model of the Japanese brand. There are many fans who were waiting for them and promise not to disappoint. Among the novelties presented by this model we can highlight its redesign of the upper, which seeks to avoid the pressures on the instep and the front area of the shoe. In this way, the Japanese brand listens to complaints that some riders had with their Nimbus 19.

Another of the most obvious changes is in the heel reinforcement. Your Clutch Counter changes, new design to perfect the fit. Otherwise we found no news. Despite finding the number 20 version of its flagship model, Asics has not wanted to risk. The most important characteristics of the Nimbus are maintained:

FlyteFoam . Material of the midsole that guarantees cushioning and good energy return.

Gel . To reduce impacts when running.

Ahar . Ultra resistant rubber for the sole.


One of the most important novelties of this year 2018 comes from the hand of Brooks Running. This is his new model Levitate, high-end sneakers that promise to make a lot of noise among the neutral tread runners. With this model, the American brand has sought a change of aesthetics and concept in its line of footwear.

To begin with, he has introduced a new technology called DNA AMP, which has been developed by the multinational BASF, the same company that manufactures adidas boost cushioning. This compound is found in the midsole and is designed to offer a greater variety of densities. What does this all mean? A greater return of energy in each step thanks to this kind of “foam “.

In summary, the Brooks Levitate are top range sneakers that stand out for their excellent cushioning, stability, response and transition. If you want to buy high quality running shoes, do not bet on Brooks.



In our Top Best running shoes there is always room for adidas. This time we surrendered to the SolarBoost shoes, the new model launched by the German brand this 2018. This shoe comes to replace the mythical Energy Boost, do you remember them? They were the first sports that incorporated boost technology in the midsole. Yes, the famous “corchopan” that improve the cushioning.

New adidas Solarboost shoes from 2018 that leave the Ultraboost 4 out of the ranking.

The new Solarboost are designed for neutral walkers looking for softness and comfort for their workouts. Perfect for training, they are built with Boost technology. Its strengths are stability, durability and fit. If you look for more info you can visit our review of SolarBoost.

If you are looking for a shoe to train daily, to run marathons or half marathons, the new 2018 SolarBoost will enchant you. The only downside, the price, certainly not available to everyone.


Surely you already know them, the Fresh Foam 1080 are the most comfortable and stable neutral sneakers of new Balance. Perfect for runners looking for comfort and durability, they are a safe bet. In addition, they can be used for all types of training, since they are ideal rollers to accumulate kilometers and kilometers. This year they come with a lot of changes and alterations that seek to lighten and perfect the model:

Change of design in the middle area of the arch.

Introduction of small holes in the midsole area.

Change in the structure of the hexagonal heels of the sole.

More pronounced forefoot flexion grooves.

Although this version is quite continuous, it was a sacrilege to leave them off our list of the best running shoes of 2018. So we have included them again in our top running shoes for another year.



Who does not know the classic model Pegasus of Nike? The top sales of the American brand does not stop evolving. In addition, every year that passes adds new followers and has become one of the best selling shoes in history. This version 35 follows the line of its predecessor, hiding its famous Fly wire cables under the mesh. In addition, the logo enlarges with respect to its previous versions. On the other hand, the mesh that covers the upper is built with double layer, looking to improve the fit and comfort.

The new Pegasus 35 of 2018 promise to gain in reactivity, although they may have lost some softness. This is because Nike has already modified the height of its Cushlon ST foam. But the most important change is in its shape, if you look closely the heel area is higher, this change is designed to offer a more accurate foot adjustment. You might also like: