7 Tips To Get Close To Tennis

October 24, 2016

Questions and answers

Tennis is a sport for everyone. From youngsters to adults continuously practicing makes you healthier and fitter. It important, however, especially for the players, “Sunday”, knows some basic information in order not to make mistakes, to be paid the next day.

At what age can you start playing tennis?

“As in all sports there is no precise age to begin to start small to tennis. For the high competitiveness to which arrived this very technical sport more and more coaches are starting soon put up the racket the children. I am of the view that it is much more important to “build” the coordination skills and strengthen the motor patterns with the general activities, and then, gradually, start small in preparatory games trying to get as close as possible the real game of tennis (play hands with sponge balls, games that improve all kinds of coordination skills). When you embark on a journey of this kind can be progressively use smaller racquets suited to the individual child and the structure begin to become familiar with this tool, approaching what is the real sport.”


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What is the maximum age limit to be able to imagine a prominent career?

“Again it is difficult to set an age limit for a prominent career. We have been in the past some very strong players who have begun to dedicate to tennis already advanced age, but cases are very rare. being a very technical sport, there is indeed a direct body contact with the ball, but through a tool and being a sport that requires a significant physical presence, I can say that having innate qualities from these two points of view (so talented and be of good athletes) definitely helps. What is certain is that the earlier you start to coach all the components, the higher the margins for improvement.”

What are the qualities of a budding champion?

“The technique, physical condition, the psychological propensity to a single sport, is all qualities be improved with training and dedication. So I guess that’s just the willingness to work every day dowry main that you should own. Certainly not an essential component, the innate talent, not would achieve great results, but put the court at the top of their priorities and devote himself to the sport with all the effort possible is definitely a fundamental dowry.”

Qual are the recommended training time for a young man to improve performance without damage to health? What are the activities to be avoided for a young man to have no physical damage?

“The major errors, which are implemented in the physical preparation of young athletes, and they often procure physical damage, mainly deal with precocity training conditional capacity (strength, resistance, speed-quickness). it should, in fact, begin to targeted exercising these capabilities only after the age of 12, in particular the strength. Before this age would be advisable not the training of coordination skills. Is necessarily the amount of exercise time that may threaten the physical health of the young athlete, but a training program prepared without a thorough understanding of the human body.”

What is the best approach to start by adults or “grown up boys”?

“Certainly the best attitude to approach any sport as adults is to arm yourself with patience, do not rush to achieve great goals in a short time. One of the main obstacles for those approaches later to tennis is that the coordination between the bottom part (that is, move and get on the ball) and the top (the same hit with a tool) is not a skill that develops in many other activities of daily living. Council at all curious and fans to get closer still to this amazing really fun and challenging sport even without aspiration to become at all costs the new Roger Federer”.

There are exercises without rackets that can help the physical preparation?

“The physical training, from training technical and otherwise, takes place almost entirely without the use of the racket.

The exasperation of the performance has seen the tennis player to no longer be simply a good player, but to become a great athlete. this is why we train every day is conditional capabilities that these coordinative, gym, running track, swimming pool and outdoor areas are all places that we use to try to develop the boys in every respect of view.”

Tips for one that begins

“With regard to clothing, there are no relevant indication if the necessary convenience of clothing worn during training and the game, especially shoes that are used for long periods of time. Separate discussion for the racket: there are many brands and many different models. Even if a beginner tennis is not immediately able to recognize the differences in performance is important to start with the right racquet. Council, therefore, to get help in the choice by its technical or however competent people”.