best tennis ball

The 6 best tennis balls of 2019

March 31, 2019

Although some players forget about it, thinking that it has nothing to do with the good game played on the court, the balls are great players that tennis is as we know it, and thanks to its durability, its boat and its structure they help both amateurs and professionals to give the best of each. In this article, you will be able to check which are the best tennis balls. We have analyzed what we consider the best in the market, having an unparalleled quality-price ratio.

Best tennis balls

Le Petit Tennis balls

Le Petit Tennis (For children

We will start with this category with the smallest in the house. Children who begin to feel the love for sports with implements need a series of materials that suit their knowledge and especially their abilities since it is not the same to give them a professional material, which they may not know how to use or handle correctly. It is going to help them from the beginning to improve, making their progress is increasing, taking a leap from these initiation products to others that although they are still junior, that they continue awakening the desire to play this sport so interesting.

By buying this product you will be acquiring three balls with an attractive design of two colors, yellow and orange, giving more fun to your workouts. They are balls that are used for the transition, that is to say, that after this level they would pass to the conventional balls. They must be used to be effective on 18-meter tracks.

The characteristics of this model are that they will have a much longer and higher pot, so the students will have more reaction time to get in position to hit the ball, but it will also be reduced by 50% its speed, promoting above all the above. The size of the ball is like a regular one so that the young people become familiar with the standard measures and it is easier for them to practice real tennis afterward.

Dunlop Tour Brilliance ball

Dunlop Tour Brilliance

This is going to be one of the first tennis balls that we are going to compare the Dunlop brand. We refer to the Tour Brillance range which has an exceptional finish and which will give you unparalleled performance so you can play for a long time with it without spoiling, behaving as the first day.

With a very soft touch and a few short hairs, so you can go faster through the track, you will have a plastic boat in which you will have three balls inside. The way to distinguish this product is, also by its name, by the colors of its container, mixing the characteristic black color of this brand, in addition to the blue color with large white letters.

They will be able to be used both by professionals and those who have a medium level since they have a good boat being fast enough balls for a good game. We are told from the page of the merchant that they have a special core that will help in the durability of the product, as well as a much stronger consistency.

HEAD RadicalĀ 

HEAD Radical

We give way to the analysis of these Head balls that are especially indicated for those amateur people who like to play at a higher level, whether they train in tennis schools, or if they go with their friends or family to play a game between them.

This product is ideal for coaches who want to give their students good balls at an excellent price since you will have a Tripack, that is, you will get three tubes in which there are 4 Head Radical balls. To get to identify this model you have to take into account the color of its tubes, a bright red color, with the name of the brand as the range in white. This tennis ball behaves very well on any type of surface, whether it is grass or dirt. You must remember that before returning to keep the ball in its container you have to remove the possible sand. So that the others do not suffer wear. In the same way, they will be very durable even with an intense and strong game, all this thanks to that it is pressurized with a lot of quality.

Remember that it is ideal especially to play tennis games with leisure character or for learning the sport.

Dunlop Pro Tour B4

Dunlop Pro Tour B4

With a design very similar to the previous Dunlop article that we have described, this can be said to be an improvement of it, with a lot more quality materials and being perfect for those tournaments that can be done at a semi-professional level.

The design of the container is going to be a mixture between the yellow, where the name of the range of these balls will be put, while in the blue area there is the logo of the brand. When you buy this product you will be taking a boat with 4 balls. The composition of the same is indicated to be able to play in any surface, having a constant boat, being the speed very good for a fluid game. The core is HD, improving consistency along with durability. The synthetic felt is made with Premium materials and you can feel it when you touch it, with very nice short hairs that will improve the gameplay. They can be used in tennis lessons, but they are not recommended for this because, in addition to having a slightly higher price, in addition to their acceleration is very good.

Dunlop Fort All Court

Dunlop Fort All Court

Taking a leap in quality, we find the Fort All Court range, used by professional tennis players or amateur players who want to have the best accessories to play as experts. These balls have Premium features that make them one of the best tennis balls that you will have the opportunity to buy.

They have an ideal pressure so that it can be used both on grass and in dirt fields, as well as its materials and felt that will be very nice having an exact boat, arriving at the place where you want to put it. The design of its packaging is still similar to the previous ones, with a black area with the Dunlop logo, while the other area is green with lines in different shades that are reminiscent of the playing field.

The combination of materials will be 33% nylon with 67% wool fibers which is what gives it that professional look. After a rally, the player will feel how the ball runs perfectly. In the package, you will find 4 tennis balls that will last a long time.

Wilson tennis balls

Wilson tennis balls

Another of the brands that always comes to mind when we talk about sports and especially tennis is Wilson. Now we are going to analyze a product of good quality, cheap and with which you can enjoy a good game with friends and even play the odd tournament.

In the design of this product, it is possible to emphasize that it has the image of the star of this sport Roger Federer, whereas the rest of the boat is red, removing some transparent zones in which you can see the product. The color of the balls will be more yellow than what you are used to, which is usually closer to the greenish yellow.

The pressurization of this ball is made with the technological system Duraweave that applies greater hardness to have a much more effective boat, almost completely eliminating the fluff of it. Thanks to these characteristics can be played on any surface, not losing speed in any of the hits you are going to give. Buying this product you will be carrying a tri pack of 4 balls in each boat, having balls for a long time or in case one of them is lost.

How to know which is the best tennis ball

You can think that this type of accessories to play tennis is something basic and you do not have to look much to get one of them, however according to which you decide to buy you will respond in one way or another, being equally important that the shoes you move with, like the racket you hit the ball with. In this short guide we will indicate that you must have this type of product so that it yields perfectly and lasts you for a long time.

best tennis ball

To start you have to know that many times in the containers you usually come to the characteristics you will have in each ball, so you have to look first if they are tennis balls for children, as if it is for professional games or if it is for occasional use What does this have to do? Well, a lot, especially because those that are for children tend to be different colors, to make them more attractive to this sector, being more fun.

They also have other functions like they do not have as much quality pressure as the rest, being softer, so they can bounce more and can go slower. So, junior fans can get to give the ball better. Another aspect is that usually have longer hairs than normal, this is so that the contact surface is greater and therefore, reduce the speed you have.

A well-pressurized ball is going to give you a much more effective boat and will also be able to resist the powerful blows better, lasting much longer. If you have the possibility of touching the ball with your hands, you have to look for the hair to be as short as possible, because this will mean that it is of good quality, but avoiding that it has the famous “bald spots” since this can modify the director who takes the ball When you touch it you have to know that it must be hard, since many have a texture that loses its shape with just a little pressure.

We recommend you on the other hand, that if you have the opportunity try the balls in the field and that you stay with the one that offers you more comfort.