5 Reasons to Send Your Children to A Camp Abroad

5 Reasons to Send Your Children to A Camp Abroad

April 5, 2017

When the holidays arrive, parents will consider the option of enrolling their children in a camp abroad or in the USA. On several occasions, we have highlighted the numerous benefits of participating in a sports camp abroad, but the fact is that many parents are decided by campuses located in the USA and, perhaps because of insecurity or distrust, do not contemplate the option to send their children to A stage in other countries.

If you have doubts about the sports camp outside of USA, in this post we will give you 5 good reasons why your children will thank you for camping in such suggestive destinations as England, Canada or Italy.

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Total immersion in the language

The main and main reason is the learning of the language, in most cases English, the most important language in the United States. For you to see an example, participating in a summer golf camp in the USA allows a language immersion 24 hours a day. By living for several weeks in a country where another language is spoken, the student will be forced to use it constantly and this new situation will help him to learn and gain confidence with the language in an agile and practical way.

When booking a summer camp abroad, you make sure that your children immerse themselves in the language spoken in the country of your choice. Some Institutions offer many sports camps in other countries, including England and the Canada, although if you want to learn English or another language in different places, you can also choose several options in Italy or Ireland.

Of course, if you are going to choose a camp abroad, make sure that your child already has a basic level of language that allows him to at least get along with campus staff on a day-to-day basis, otherwise the kids may feel confused by not understanding well the monitors, coaches or their own companions, so an experience that was going to be very rewarding can become frustrating.

Meet children of different nationalities

Another advantage of the international camps is that your children will live with students from all over the world. Summer campuses abroad are a meeting point for young people of many nationalities, who have a unique opportunity to meet new and different cultures.

Students use a common language (usually English) to interact with their peers and build friendships that then often endure over time.

Personal growth

Failure to count on parental help will force the child to face problems he or she is not accustomed to and make decisions on his or her own. After the camp, the children become more mature, independent, respectful, tolerant with other cultures, and with self-esteem greatly reinforced. A summer camp abroad is a test of self-improvement and confidence.

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Touristic interest

We cannot forget the playful reason to visit countries with a great tourist attraction. All camps abroad include a complete program of excursions so that your students know firsthand the most emblematic places of the area where they reside during their stay on campus.

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Valuable experience to study or work abroad

In some cases, the enriching experience of hosting a children summer camp abroad may be the first step for students to decide to study or even develop part of their professional career in another country.

Although the number of students who have traveled abroad has increased in recent years, there are still very few. Therefore, having a personal experience of this nature is an added value when facing new projects.

In short, giving your children the opportunity to participate in a summer camp abroad is a highly-recommended option.