grand slam tennis tournaments

Where the 4 grand slam tournaments are played

August 29, 2018

A Grand Slam tennis tournament is a special tournament that is reserved only for the best tennis teachers. Specifically, there are 4 grand slam tournaments of this type, which have a great prestige within the community and make you a legend to win it.

These tournaments are only available for the 128 best tennis players of the ATP ranking of men and WTA of women, a ranking that decides the best players of this sport. This guarantees that these tournaments are difficult to win and have a high level of competition, with victory reserved for the biggest players. Keep reading: How to choose tennis balls for beginners?

This list of ATP scores is a list in which the better result you have in the tournaments, the more points you will get. The more important the tournament, the better score you will get with the victory in a tournament since for example a Master 1000 is worth more than a local tournament and a Grand Slam is worth more than a Master 1000.

grand slam tennis tournaments

Being an important tournament, many points are also awarded, which will allow the player to climb several positions in the ranking, making him earn more money and more reputation as a tennis player and ensuring participation in the next Grand Slam of the season.

Grand Slam scoring system for the ATP and WTA classification

  • All receive 25 points just for qualifying, points that add to the result obtained.
  • Champion of the tournament 2000 points ATP or WTA.
  • Grand Slam runner-up: 1200 points ATP or WTA.
  • Grand Slam Semifinalist: 750 points ATP or WTA.
  • Reach grand slam quarterfinals: 360 points ATP or WTA
  • To be among the first 16 of the tournament: 180 points ATP or WTA.
  • To stay in the top 32 of the tournament: 90 points ATP or WTA.
  • To be among the 64 first of the tournament: 45 points ATP or WTA.
  • Be among the top 128 of the tournament: 10 points ATP or WTA.

2000 points is a very good result for a tournament, as it will allow you to climb several positions or stay at number 1 if you are one of the best tennis players in the world. It is not surprising that great tennis players focus on winning these tournaments, as they offer a great reward in the form of points that will allow them to have more fame and better classification in the world of tennis.

grand slam tennis tournaments

In addition not only offer points, as if that were not enough, there is also a lot of money and fame waiting for players who are able to win one of these tournaments. For example, the US Open distributes almost one million dollars to the winner of the tournament, a huge amount that can be allowed due to the large audience of these tournaments.

If you want to learn where these tournaments are played, either because you want to go to one of them or because you like to learn things about tennis, you are in the right place. I will explain the location of the 4 Grand Slam and I will also show you on which surface they are played, the dates on which they are played and their historical importance in the world of tennis.

Australian Open

Australian Open

The first grand slam tournaments of the whole year are the Australian Open, a tournament that is played in the city of Melbourne in the month of January Melbourne. This tournament is played on a blue track, which can become a covered track in case of inclement weather. The reason for playing it in the month of January is that since Australia is the southern hemisphere, on that continent it is summer and you can play better this way. This tournament sets the starting point for the season, however, within the 4 grand slam is the least prestigious and has the least people. That yes, it is still a very prestigious tournament in broad strokes.

Roland Garros: The second tournament to be played throughout the year is the great Roland Garros tournament, which is played in the month of May in the city of Paris. It is considered the best tournament in the world on clay (brown track) and one of the best known and prestigious. In addition, the Spaniards know him a lot, since Rafa Nadal, our local champion, has won a lot of Roland Garros, since he is one of the best in the world on clay. If you are going to watch tennis, I advise you to go to Roland Garros, mainly because it is the Grand Slam tournament that is closest to our country, having only to go to the neighboring country.



The third tournament in chronological order is the Wimbledon tournament, which is played in the city of the same name, between the month of May and June and on grass. It is considered the oldest tennis tournament in the world and, therefore, the most prestigious of all Grand Slam tournaments. The most curious thing about this tournament is that it does not take into account the ATP ranking, but only takes into account points in tournaments in high class turf and points that have been obtained the week before in tournaments of all kinds. Therefore, it is a unique tournament of its kind, with more complicated access for people who do not like to play on grass.

US Open

US Open

It is the last big slam of the year and it takes place between August and September, specifically it is played in New York and played on the track. This tournament is the last big tournament of the year and to win it supposes a great prestige, but above all a great economic amount, since it is the tennis tournament that moves the most money.


Going to see a Grand Slam: Going to see a tournament in this category can be a good idea to plan a different holiday, as it will allow you to enjoy with prestige one of the most beautiful and exciting competitions. As it is a prestigious and crowded tournament, tickets are going to be expensive, that coupled with the trip that you are going to have to hit a foreign country, next to the hotel if you want to stay more than a day.

Going to see a Grand Slam:

However, tennis is usually much cheaper than other sports such as football, so going to see tennis is not going to be as expensive as it may initially seem. Today I am going to give you three infallible tips to go to see a Grand Slam without problems, that is, without having to complicate your life and being able to save the maximum amount of money possible.

Buy tickets in advance: The first advice I give you is to buy tickets in advance, since the more time you have left for the tournament, the less money you will cost. Tickets are usually put on sale 6 months before the tournament, so be careful to get them. On the website of each tournament, you can get tickets, plus some travel agencies can offer great discounts that will allow you to get much cheaper tickets, as they can also offer you more hotel tickets. Also keep in mind that depending on the ranking players, the ticket will be more expensive or cheaper.

The more cache the entry has, the more money is worth: The entry cache tells the audience and the prestige that it will have. The cache of an entry basically depends on two things, first of all, it depends on the tennis player who is in the match, since it is not the same to see the tennis player number 1 of the ATP than to see the tennis player number 128. Men also tend to have more cache that women, unless it is a very good woman like Serena Williams. Finally, we must take into account in the round in which the tournament is, since the end of the tournament will be much more expensive than a normal round. Buy the ticket that you can afford and where your favorite tennis player comes out, which does not have to be number 1 in the ranking.

Grand Slam tennis

Keep in mind that tennis matches have an indeterminate duration: Tennis is not like other sports such as football, because although the grand slam is 5 sets, in case of a tie, the game will be extended until it is over. For example, if in a set you tie at 5 points, the set will be given to 7 points and not to 6 as it normally happens. If you go 6 to 6, the match will go up to 8 points and so on until it’s over. In addition, although it goes to 5 sets, it does not last a match in which all the sets are won to 6 to 5, since there are 3 sets it will be finished (when winning the first 3 sets, it is given by the winner without playing the two others, because if they were played and the other won, it would not help because the match would be 3-2).

Therefore, think about how long you will be watching the game, so look to see if watching tennis is compatible with the agenda you have at that moment, as a match could be too long. We recommend this article that you will also find interesting: