Month: September 2018

strength training tips

6 strength training tips for playing tennis (For women)

It is no myth to say that muscles burn more calories than fat. For this reason, among others, many women want and want to gain muscle volume in their bodies. But, where should we start strength training? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the minimum recommendation for strength training is twice a week. But this is not the only advice that we are going to give you today, no, because you must attend to these other six that will make your life better. Read More “6 strength training tips for playing tennis (For women)”

strokes in table tennis

The serve and other strokes in table tennis

In table tennis, service is the blow by which the goal begins and the ball is put into play. At the origin of this sport, the service was simply used to start the game and it was usually a defensive shot. Nowadays the game has changed a lot and it is an eminently offensive blow, since the high competitiveness of this sport means that the players want to win the goal from the moment of the service and if this is not possible, not to provide the opponent with the opportunity to Take the initiative during the point at stake. Read More “The serve and other strokes in table tennis”