Month: July 2018

Fartlek training

Fartlek training and its structure

What does the word Fartlek training sound like? I do not know about you but it sounds like Swedish to me. Indeed, this is a training discipline rather for the already experts and those who have worked well in their physical form and background. We have all practiced this type of training, what happens is that nobody remembers, but in high school they made us climb the steps of the track, lower them, go around the track, etc. If you still hear us, keep reading these lines. Read More “Fartlek training and its structure”

tennis footwork

A proposal of exercises for the tennis footwork in training

Everyone knows the importance of a good physical condition to face the tough tennis competitions with guarantees. But not only a good general physical condition but a good physical condition is necessary. Therefore, it is legitimate to think that the preparation of the various factors will be adjusted within the training process. Among which physicists will excel, depending on the specific characteristics of each sport. Such as tennis footwork. Read More “A proposal of exercises for the tennis footwork in training”

Gym exercises for tennis

Gym exercises for tennis

Tennis puts a lot of pressure on athletes to act at the best possible level. To meet the physical demands of the sport, players are spending more hours in the gym strengthening and developing specific tennis muscles. A well-designed gym routine consists of a variety of exercises to improve your power in the court and reduce the risk of injury. Read More “Gym exercises for tennis”

famous tennis players

12 famous tennis players who have made history

We want to highlight 12 players who have made history, without ordering them for their achievements or times of greater success, simply because they were or are outstanding athletes who with effort and sports sacrifice have reached the top. Men and women of tennis that deserve recognition, that with their game, their technique and effort have amazed millions of people. These 12 famous tennis players who have made history are only part of the long list that we could elaborate. Read More “12 famous tennis players who have made history”