Month: September 2017

tactical application in tennis

The cut effect (Slice) and its tactical application in tennis

Sliding hit on tennis and its tactical tennis application

As you know tennis is a sport of resources, it is what in the language of war is known as weapons. Each type of strike is a resource or a new weapon and at the time of the game, it will not be enough to have a variety of blows. But also, to know how to choose the right moment to use each one of those resources and thus be able to optimize its potential. Read More “The cut effect (Slice) and its tactical application in tennis”

Tactics in the rest or drawback

Tactics in the rest or drawback

When playing a game of tennis, it is normal for each player to try to win his serve. When this does not happen, it is said that there has been a break of the service and reading between lines the game. You will see how the break of the service in a weak opponent mentally supposes turn his mental break in most cases. Read More “Tactics in the rest or drawback”

top spin tennis

For the use of the flat tennis, cut and lifted (top spin)

The flat tennis serves

It is the most aggressive serve of all since it is with this with which you can get more power and speed on the ball. This type of service is usually used as the first service since the chances of failure are very high. The flat throw is not recommended as a second serve because if you lower the power of the same without printing any effect you will be exposed to a serve. It does little damage and your opponent will take the offensive on the point by subtracting aggressively thanks to your serve flat and harmless since you have removed his main weapon, the power to gain in safety. Read More “For the use of the flat tennis, cut and lifted (top spin)”