Month: February 2017

Tennis in Winter Season

Dressing for Tennis in Winter Season

Winter Tennis

With the arrival of winter, outdoor tennis, like other similar sports activities, suffers the consequences of bad weather, in many cases, there are players who stop playing until the arrival of spring, but much other passionate do not fear the cold and they continue practicing it during the winter.

For these brave then we will offer a series of tips to keep in mind to protect you from the cold and play with full guarantees.

The first tip will be about the proper clothing to wear during the winter.

  • T-shirt
  • Skirt and Thermal Leggings
  • Shoes

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Zones of The Tennis Track

The Zones of The Tennis Track

Knowing the areas of the court has a fundamental importance to understand the game and to progressively improve and try to play tennis well. His knowledge is of a tactical nature and helps to play more intelligently, being able to select the shots to make and the way in which each player will move on the court.

1) Defense

2) Control

3) Pressure

4) Attack

5) Definition Read More “The Zones of The Tennis Track”

Tennis Confidence: Fear and The Mental Game

Tennis Confidence: Fear and The Mental Game

In this tennis course, I will give you four recommendations that will help you master the fear of failing in the most important points of your tennis matches. We will also analyze how Belgian and former world number 1 Justin Henin uses these recommendations to dominate their fear and win the semifinal against Serbia Ana Ivanovic. We will also see that not only does Henin use these techniques successfully but most elite players including Rafa Nadal use these techniques to not let their fear control their tennis game. Read More “Tennis Confidence: Fear and The Mental Game”

tennis court

Types of Tennis Courts

Brick powder

Brick dust can be built with natural clay, clay, or   Brick dust   Produced by the grinding of brick   Red. Spain   And Argentina   Have been characterized by a great development of tennis on red clay and the most famous tournament in the world on this surface are the Tournament of Roland, in Paris, whose tracks are built with red clay extracted from clay. Read More “Types of Tennis Courts”

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Serena Williams will look

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Serena Williams will look

The Mallorcan and Swiss will attend the second Masters 1000 of the season, confirmed the organization. Serena and Kerber are confirmed in the women’s box.

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams will look to maintain the good moment of the start of the tennis season in the next edition of the Miami Open, according to the list of players announced today by the organization. Read More “Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Serena Williams will look”

tennis racket

Understand the specific qualities of a tennis racket

Step 1: Keep in mind that a larger head will transfer more power to the ball in the stroke. The larger the head, the more power you will hit the ball, as long as the other factors remain constant (racket length, swing, etc.). This feature is one of the most important when choosing a racquet, since, normally, more power means less control. Do you often hit the ball too hard or, on the other hand, do you need extra power without disturbing your swing? Check the size of the head of your current racket and make adjustments according to your needs. Read More “Understand the specific qualities of a tennis racket”

Play Tennis

Finding A Tennis Instructor

In an article we posted on how to learn tennis quickly, we mentioned the importance of finding an experienced coach. A coach can help with every aspect of your game. They can tell you the rules and explain the fundamentals, help you with your swing mechanics and footwork, and assist with strategy for competitive matches. But how exactly do you go about finding the right instructor for your situation and your game? Read More “Finding A Tennis Instructor”