benefits of tennis

15 mental and physical benefits of tennis that nobody knows

October 25, 2018

Singles, doubles or against a board on your own, tennis is a great activity that can keep you in shape whether you are 5 or 95 years old. It keeps your heart and muscular system in good condition. Also, you can not beat a strategic mind game that allows you to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. So if you want to consider the benefits of playing tennis, do not take your eyes off our publication.

The tactical aspect of the tennis keeps your mind occupied while your body does a good exercise. The short-term goals of reaching that little yellow ball in time make it a complex sport full of small rewards and unlimited challenges.

Mental and physical benefits of tennis

benefits of tennis

Everyone can play tennis, and it’s fun. Either athlete, elderly or children can enjoy tennis. For children, tennis also has good health benefits.

1.- Stimulate the muscular movement of children

However, just run and hit the ball, there is no bad game, tennis does not need much power. The tennis racket is heavy. It takes more resistance than playing badminton; besides that, the ball can bounce until now. Then the player must run to hit the ball. The benefits of playing tennis are good for exercising the movement of the muscles of children more elastic.

2.- Exercise the children to be more active

To hit the ball, the player must move to the left, to the right, turn backward and forwards quickly. It can stimulate muscle movement. The bones of children follow muscle movement and make the movement of children faster.

3.- Shape the children’s body

Do you know how that figure has achieved some tennis players like Maria Sharapova or another famous tennis athlete? All of them have very good body shape, the benefits of playing tennis are ideal thin or muscular and also healthy, their movement when they had played, they can burn fat or calories, and it is also improve the metabolic process. So that, it can shape the muscles of children.

children tennis

4.- Improve the Human Brain

According to Dr. Joan Finn of Southern Connecticut State University, given that tennis requires attention and tactical thinking, it can generate new connections between the nerves in the brain and promote a life of continuous brain development, reported scientists at the University of Illinois.

5.- Decrease the risk of mortality

Tennis can decrease the risk of mortality because all diseases caused by the poor quality of life of most people died because of it.

6.- Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The benefits of playing tennis can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the player’s ability to breathe.

7.- Reduce the risk Diabetes mellitus

When playing tennis, body fat may decrease, so the risk of diabetes mellitus may decrease. It is so good for people with diabetes to stay fit and healthy.

8.- Decrease the risk of Osteoporosis

Young players can improve and maintain the health of their bones by playing tennis. Therefore, playing tennis can straighten the density of the bones. As a result, it prevents the long-term risk of osteoporosis.

9.- Improve Agility

agility in tennis

Agility can be obtained from tennis because the tennis player forces the direction in a short time. Also, tennis is using physical movement.

10.- Cross Training

If we exercise to be an expert tennis player, we are also experts in other sports. The physical exercise is the same as in other sports.

11.- Dynamic balance

The dynamic balance can be made by stopping, starting, changing the direction from one side to another or from the backup and, on the contrary, hitting the race, this is another of the great benefits of playing tennis.

12.- Crude motor control

From the movement of the court and the hitting ball can exercise our body to control the large group of muscles. Many muscles move for the continuing practice. You can exercise control of the thick motor. Also, when making touch shoot, shoot and the balloons can be exercised to control the fine motor player.

Nutritional habits

13.- Nutritional habits

You can provide it by eating properly with nutritious foods before the competition to add more energy production. And after competing to recover energy.

14.- Improve coordination

Playing tennis using hand-eye coordination allows you to have better coordination you train to see and hit the ball with your hand when it comes from the opponent and must do it consistently.

15.- Immune system

By having access to the benefits of playing tennis, you will be a healthy person. Therefore, you burn calories, move and do a great exercise for your body. As a result, it can promote the amount of immune system because it increases the body’s resistance to diseases.

The mental and physical benefits of playing tennis are often lost when compared to more traditional activities such as running, swimming and biking. However, many people may not realize that playing tennis for an hour consumes around 600 calories, making it as effective as running or an indoor cycling class. And the beauty of tennis is that it challenges your mind and your body.