Types of Tennis Courts

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Brick powder

Brick dust can be built with natural clay, clay, or   Brick dust   Produced by the grinding of brick   Red. Spain   And Argentina   Have been characterized by a great development of tennis on red clay and the most famous tournament in the world on this surface are the Tournament of Roland, in Paris, whose tracks are built with red clay extracted from clay.

 tennis court
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The characteristic of these courts is the slowness of the boat and the possibility of the player to “skate” on the ground. This leads to a more defensive type of game, sustained from the baseline, in which the point lasts longer, with more passes over the net, requiring more preparation to win. Players often resort to a top spin, which once they hit, tends to send the opposing player backward, to provoke “short balls” that allow the point to be defined.

Fast the cement

The   Hard tennis court is that tennis court that is made of cement, plastic or asphalt and is considered medium or fast surface, where low and fast boats make points are short, and players with a hard and powerful service have Some advantage. Hard tracks can vary in speed, but they are faster than those of brick dust and slower than grass.


tennis court
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These tracks are considered as the most equitable for all types of players.   When the ball bounces on these surfaces much of the speed   Of the ball is absorbed by the surface so it is braked. In fast tracks, speed loss is negligible because these tracks offer less cushioning to the ball boat. The amount of sand that is used in the paint of the track also determines its speed. More sand means less speed.

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Lawn or grass

The grass is the original surface of tennis. It is a fast surface, of an irregular boat, relatively little used. The essential feature of the lawn is the irregularity of the boat. The ball not only boots low and fast, but it boots irregularly, changing the heights and directions. This leads to a type of volley-based game (air-strike) that avoids the boat, to re-pass the ball with shots that cause a slice, because the probability that the boat is irregular is very high. The ball causes an error.

tennis court
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There are less and less grassy areas that exist to practice tennis, being a surface in clear recoil, but of great value traditional for the professional tennis. Hence the Championship Wimbledon (England), a tournament that is played on grass is considered the most important in the world.

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