5 exercises to tone arms for playing tennis shot perfectly

To be fit, it is essential to do some cardiovascular exercise and eat a balanced diet. Depending on your age and physical condition, walking, cycling, running or swimming are ideal activities to sweat and exercise your heart. In this session, we are going to show you 5 exercises to tone arms for playing tennis shot perfectly. 

A good walk, at a high pace, about three times a week and for 45 minutes, is more than enough to be fit. And as for a good diet, a diet based on fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates (preferably whole) is advisable. Keep reading: Tennis medicine: prevent to play all life

However, based on being in shape, some people focus on some parts of the body. In particular, to tone them, since each body is unique and there are different needs. On this occasion, we will focus on exercises to tone arms.

Exercises to tone arms

exercises to tone arms

These exercises that we propose to tone arms do not require any material. In fact, they can be done at home, on the floor or be using furniture (chairs and little else). The idea is to do them after a cardio session; after a good walk or going for a run. But if not, warm up first with some aerobic exercises that allow you to warm up and not injure yourself.

Chest press

Chest press

This exercise allows you to work on all the chest and triceps. Lie face down and place your hands to an opening slightly larger than the shoulders. With the tips of your feet resting on the floor (although you can start supporting the knees), push the floor with your arms and raise yourself up to stay on board and then lower slowly.

Make sure that the neck does not run out of space; separate it from the shoulders. Keep the body firm, as if it were aboard, and activate the abdomen so as not to let the lumbar fall to the floor and you can injure yourself. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl

For this exercise, you need some dumbbells, although you can replace them with a package of vegetables or a bottle filled with earth. Standing with your legs slightly apart and knees slightly bent, take a dumbbell with each hand. Bend the elbows, bring the dolls to your shoulders and then slowly lower.

Beware of separating the elbows. They have to be glued to the body. And be careful also with arching the back to make effort when it comes to weight gain; you have to keep it straight. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Triceps backgrounds

Triceps backgrounds

For this exercise, you need a stable chair, a bench or a low table. Lean with your back to the seat of the chair or table, so that your hands are facing you, and extend your legs. Flex the elbows and lower with the back straight to go back up pushing the chair or table. In this case, be careful to separate the elbows to the sides; they have to go backward when they are flexed. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Triceps extension

Triceps extension

For this exercise, you need a dumbbell again, or the package of legumes or the bottle filled with earth. This exercise can be done in two ways: sitting or in a squats position with knees slightly bent and feet slightly apart.

If you take a dumbbell with both hands, bring your arms behind your head, then stretch them and return to the starting position. If you take a dumbbell with each hand, do the same movement, but first with one arm and then with the other. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Lateral shoulder elevation

shoulder elevation

Again, you will need dumbbells or bottles. Stand with your legs slightly bent, stretch your arms and lift them laterally until your elbows are at shoulder height. Go down in a controlled way. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. With these simple exercises, doing them about 3 times a week, you will get your arms toned in a short time. Remember that it is important to do cardiovascular exercise before putting on toning arms or any other part of the body! You might also like: http://fitnessfinders.mobi/2017/04/28/the-use-of-static-dynamic-exercises/

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