7 Tips To Get Close To Tennis

Questions and answers

Tennis is a sport for everyone. From youngsters to adults continuously practicing makes you healthier and fitter. It important, however, especially for the players, “Sunday”, knows some basic information in order not to make mistakes, to be paid the next day.

At what age can you start playing tennis?

“As in all sports there is no precise age to begin to start small to tennis. For the high competitiveness to which arrived this very technical sport more and more coaches are starting soon put up the racket the children. I am of the view that it is much more important to “build” the coordination skills and strengthen the motor patterns with the general activities, and then, gradually, start small in preparatory games trying to get as close as possible the real game of tennis (play hands with sponge balls, games that improve all kinds of coordination skills). When you embark on a journey of this kind can be progressively use smaller racquets suited to the individual child and the structure begin to become familiar with this tool, approaching what is the real sport.” Read more…

Beach Tennis

Tennis and Beach Tennis: 10 Tips For Beginners

The equipment, the proper timing, contraindications and above all the physical benefits of a sport without age, explained by the several coach.

The summer season is the best time to engage in a sporting activity. The weather and the holidays return the desire to move outdoors and getting into shape. Tennis and beach tennis are disciplines suited to achieve this goal. In a circle in the countryside or on crowded beaches, today everybody can compete with forehand, backhand, service and smash. We asked an expert, any advice for people planning on picking up a racket for the first time. But also for parents looking for a summer sport for their children. Read more…

Play Tennes

Want to improve your tennis? Here are 10 rules

Try to watch you play, you will make great progress. Everything has to be parametrized to your psychological characteristics. Here are the ten tips, with small private annotations, precisely, to the younger. It is fair to use special care, however, must be able to find the same geometry, the same basic rules, the same cornerstone principles. It applies to all instead of the analysis rule just to let you record a video when you are playing; relate their involving in the field allows you to improve a lot. Read more…