Ostapenko and Stephens

Ostapenko and Stephens, a ‘Grand Slam’ final at the Miami Premier

Current as champions at Roland Garros and the US Open, the Latvian Jelena Ostapenko and American Sloane Stephens. Respectively, will star this Saturday a final ‘Grand Slam’ in the Premier Mandatory Miami. It will be the first time that the two tennis players Ostapenko and Stephens will face each other. And also, their premiere in the Miami final, a tournament that has seen their main leaders fall. Read more…

how to win a tennis match

10 Tips On How To Win A Tennis Match (100% effective)

Dear Readers, today we will talk about how to win a tennis match. For those who really love it, tennis is not just a challenge with the opponent but it is also and above all a challenge with oneself. This is why a tennis player, more than any other sportsman, does not easily dispose of defeat. Winning undoubtedly is beautiful and rewarding. The feeling you feel after a victory does not last for as long as you feel after a defeat. Read more…


Tennis Betting Overview

Tennis may not be the most popular sport, but without the doubt, it is one of the most followed and especially among the most bet, which has followed very closely and analyzed for several years.

What charms tennis is that there are many tournaments to bet on, and most players with a good handicap participate mostly in the Grand Slam tournaments.

Finding the value of bets for Grand Slam is much more difficult than for smaller events, so you need to understand some things. Read more…

Tips And Hints When Playing Tennis

Higher technical tennis games and strokes could make the big difference between getting a good regular player along with an extraordinary player. The actual secrets of increasing your tennis focus get started on knowing the basics of planet tennis stroke. There are not so many variations among a four. Participant than the usual four. five participants in addition to some. five participant usually has a much better approach to tennis games. Read more…

The Best Tennis Anecdotes

Even with the memory of the London Masters fresh in our minds, we can already find the great Davis Cup final tennis on the horizon of our weekend (yes, we know it’s Monday, but we want to motivate ourselves). This year, the big finalists are Belgium and Great Britain, who will compete for this prestigious trophy in Ghent.

On the occasion of one of the most important events in world tennis, from Sprinter, we bring you a collection of the best stories of tennis throughout its history. Although some are more curious than others, all tennis reveal that promotes solidarity, the teamwork, and overcoming. Read more…


7 Tips To Get Close To Tennis

Questions and answers

Tennis is a sport for everyone. From youngsters to adults continuously practicing makes you healthier and fitter. It important, however, especially for the players, “Sunday”, knows some basic information in order not to make mistakes, to be paid the next day.

At what age can you start playing tennis?

“As in all sports there is no precise age to begin to start small to tennis. For the high competitiveness to which arrived this very technical sport more and more coaches are starting soon put up the racket the children. I am of the view that it is much more important to “build” the coordination skills and strengthen the motor patterns with the general activities, and then, gradually, start small in preparatory games trying to get as close as possible the real game of tennis (play hands with sponge balls, games that improve all kinds of coordination skills). When you embark on a journey of this kind can be progressively use smaller racquets suited to the individual child and the structure begin to become familiar with this tool, approaching what is the real sport.” Read more…