Unforced errors

Recommendations to reduce unforced errors in your matches

The unforced errors are those errors in which your opponent has not forced you to fail but still fail. So, the key here is not to fail and try to force the opponent to make that mistake taking advantage of the possibility if it does not put you in an uncomfortable situation. Below I give you a series of very simple tips that will help you avoid these unforced errors. Read more…

automation of tennis technique

The automation of tennis technique and causes of stagnation in tennis training

In this article, I will discuss the process of automation of the tennis technique and why the inactivity in learning the technique usually happens.

I invite everyone to the debate and later to share opinions in the comments section in this way we will enrich among all the content here exposed. So, I invite you to leave your experience or opinion after reading the article. Read more…

Improve your tennis picks

Tips to improve your tennis picks in matches

If you want to significantly improve your tennis looting in your matches you must learn to throw the ball. It is said that in 50% of the effectiveness of your tennis serves influences how you throw the ball at the time of the service. This makes a lot of sense since it is useless to have a very good tennis draft technique when we cannot carry it out by throwing the ball in a bad way. Read more…

Roger Federer

Roger Federer: “If you keep your serve, you can do anything in the rest”

In the inaugural press room of the US Open 2017, Roger Federer content with his recent win in Cincinnati said the key is to always keep his serve and then risk his remains near the serve quadrant.

Federer was very clear in saying the following: “It all starts with the serve. If one can maintain his service, then he can do almost anything in the rest “. All this referring to his recent remains (returns of serve) near the service box to which he was asked if he would repeat them. Where he answered that everything would depend on the strength of his serve. The rival in front and the moment of the match in which he was. Read more…

play tennis

Exercise of the 25-25-25 of 3 × 3 recommended training the tennis serve

An exercise I recommend to train the tennis kick is the one I call the 25-25-25 of 3 × 3, i.e. 3 zones x 3 days a week with the aim of improving consistency and control of directions of balls in your tennis look. It means that in a single exercise we will try to train technical, tactical and mental aspects, now you will see how you can do it alone or with other partners of your tennis class. Read more…

play tennis

How to master the fear of failing in the important points of your tennis

In this tennis course, I will help you master the fear of failing in the most important points of your tennis matches. We will also analyze how Belgian and former world number 1 Justin Henin uses these recommendations to dominate their fear and win the semifinal against Serbia Ana Ivanovic. We will also see that not only does Henin use these techniques successfully but most elite players including Rafa Nadal use these techniques to not let their fear control their tennis game. Read more…