exercises to improve endurance

Do these exercises to improve endurance for tennis game

To begin an exercise routine and to realize that it is difficult for us to keep the rhythm during several consecutive minutes can be, at least, demotivating. However, there is no reason to break down as it is. Fortunately, possible to improve our resistance and increase it, making our workouts much more effective over time.

This will allow us to achieve important goals such as running for a certain time without getting tired, swimming more pools than we thought or doing that aerobic class in full. In this article, we reveal the exercises to improve endurance for the tennis game. Read more…

atp 2019 tennis schedule

ATP 2019 tennis schedule: What will happen in this year

The tennis season 2018 ends, and was a year full of emotions, from the victory of the Australian Open by King, the victories of the “king of the beaten earth” Rafa Nadal, until the tennis renaissance of Nole, which will end’ the year as number 1. At the beginning of the year, as he said, he had also thought about retiring. It promises a year full of emotions, full of suspense. Here, we come with ATP 2019 tennis schedule.  Read more…