Unforced errors

Recommendations to reduce unforced errors in your matches

The unforced errors are those errors in which your opponent has not forced you to fail but still fail. So, the key here is not to fail and try to force the opponent to make that mistake taking advantage of the possibility if it does not put you in an uncomfortable situation. Below I give you a series of very simple tips that will help you avoid these unforced errors. Read more…

tactical application in tennis

The cut effect (Slice) and its tactical application in tennis

Sliding hit on tennis and its tactical tennis application

As you know tennis is a sport of resources, it is what in the language of war is known as weapons. Each type of strike is a resource or a new weapon and at the time of the game, it will not be enough to have a variety of blows. But also, to know how to choose the right moment to use each one of those resources and thus be able to optimize its potential. Read more…

automation of tennis technique

The automation of tennis technique and causes of stagnation in tennis training

In this article, I will discuss the process of automation of the tennis technique and why the inactivity in learning the technique usually happens.

I invite everyone to the debate and later to share opinions in the comments section in this way we will enrich among all the content here exposed. So, I invite you to leave your experience or opinion after reading the article. Read more…